Wilco de Kreij Products – A Software and Training Overview


Wilco de Kreij is a successful online marketer who has created several products that have helped many entrepreneurs and marketers improve their Return On Investments (ROI) of paid advertising on Facebook. For that reason some call him a “Facebook Ads wizard”.

If you’re looking to learn more about Wilco’s products, or want to find out how you can improve your Facebook advertising campaigns, this article is for you.

We’ll provide an overview of Wilco’s most popular products.

So, if you’re searching for innovative and effective Facebook marketing tools, read on to learn more about Wilco de Kreij and his products!

Facebook ads pro De Kreij is the founder and CEO of two SaaS (Software As A Service) companies, Connectio and UpViral. They are both located in the Netherlands.

Wilco de Kreij Products

Since Wilco started focusing on online marketing, he has been creating a lot of products.

Below we’ll show an overview of Wilco de Kreij products that you may be interested in. These software tools and training are designed & created by Wilco’s companies Connectio & UpViral.

We will also share some older other products, created by Wilco.


Connectio.io Wilco de Kreij products for facebook marketing

Connectio is a robust Facebook marketing software platform accessible to businesses and enterprises of all sizes. This platform has five distinct tools that perform various jobs.

All Facebook Automation you need to make Facebook Advertising way more effective using smart automation.

The ConnectSuite package is the entire subscription of all tools. This powerful software platform consists of ConnectLeads, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, and ConnectAutomate.

Connectio has also created several Facebook training courses to help you set up highly profitable Facebook advertising campaigns.

Let’s zoom in.

ConnectLeads – Facebook™ Ads Account and Autoresponder Integration

ConnectLeads - Get two click fb leads into your email list automatically

ConnectLeads is a tool that will enable you to connect your Facebook™ Lead Ads with your autoresponder.

This means that if someone enters your Facebook Lead Form, their email address will automatically be sent into your autoresponder or email software.

The pre-filled form on Facebook makes it really simple for your audience to convert on, especially on mobile.

The goal of ConnectLeads is to get email subscribers from Facebook and add them to your email list. No more need to manually export data from Facebook™ lead ads to your email autoresponder software.

In other words, you get two click fb leads into your email list automatically.

ConnectAudience – Autoresponder and Facebook™ Account Retargeting Integration

ConnectAudience - Autoresponder and Facebook Account Retargeting Integration

In essence, ConnectAudience works in the opposite manner to ConnectLeads.

ConnectAudience helps you connect your email autoresponder software with your Facebook™ account. This way you’re able to create Facebook custom audiences based on who is on your email subscribers’ list.

ConnectAudience collects data from your autoresponder and sends it into Facebook as a Custom Audience. This allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook, to get more results from your email list.

In other words, ConnectAudience supports a smooth autoresponder & Facebook account retargeting integration for Return On Investment (ROI) boosts.

Check out ConnectAudience for Email Retargeting Ad Campaigns using Facebook.

ConnectRetarget – Powerful Facebook Retargeting Software

The focus of ConnectRetarget is web-based retargeting on Facebook.

This powerful facebook retargeting software helps you retarget website visitors with Facebook Ads, using their behavior on your website.

It allows you to target those who are most likely to convert, making your retargeting more effective (keeping your ad costs low, and increasing your profits).

For example, you can target people based on how long they stayed on your site, which point of a page they scrolled to, and/or how many times they visited your website.

ConnectExplore – Interests Targeting Secrets

ConnectExplore - Ads Targeting Secrets

Facebook Ads can be a great way to reach new customers and grow your business, but it can be difficult to know which interests to target.

ConnectExplore helps you find and identify interests to target with Facebook Ads.

Check Out the ConnectExplore Demo.

Using this tool you’ll be able to find More Interests that you can target than you could find using the Facebook Ads manager itself.

The audience testing feature helps you with discovering which interests work best for you.

You’ll have a group of interests you’d like to target once you’ve completed your interest search within ConnectExplore.

Let’s assume you’ve discovered 25 interests. In that case you’ll be able to generate 25 ad sets with one interest per ad set in a few clicks.

Then, once your campaign has gathered some ad metrics, you’ll know which interests are performing well and which ones are not.

This information can help you hone your Facebook Ads strategy and get the most out of your advertising dollars.

ConnectAutomate Targets Prospects by Creating Ads Automatically

ConnectAutomate identifies posts with high engagement and turns them into ads

ConnectAutomate is a tool that can help you turn your best performing Facebook posts into Facebook Ads.

To cut a long story short, you can create “rules” such as “if a certain Facebook post gets more than X likes, or gets shared by Y% of people”.

ConnectAutomate will continually check for posts on your Facebook Page, and as soon as a post gets enough engagement (conform to the rules), it will create a Facebook Ad for it to give it full exposure.

To summarize, ConnectAutomate identifies posts with the highest potential, and automatically creates Facebook ads for them.

Even more important is the fact that you get much better results with the same ad spend as before. The reason? Only good stuff gets boosted, so you don’t waste your money.

Check out this ConnectAutomate Demo



ConnectVideo is not a course, not a strategy, nor a hack. It’s… a software, created by Wilco de Kreij and his team, that helps advertisers get retargeting back, even on iOS14.5.

This is all about super video audiences, and it’s totally ready for iOS 14.5. It will work even in case a big tech like Apple or Google enforces new tracking limitations in the future.

You will be able to retarget your hottest prospects for up to a year with ConnectVideo. It provides unmatched segmentation, allowing you to target your advertisements only to the people who are most relevant.

Take a look at this revolutionary technology for effortlessly creating new and profit-generating audiences that target all of your past, present, and future clients.

ConnectIQ Academy – Facebook Ads Training

Learn when multiple facebook pages, which image ads perform, a solid ads foundation, and much more

The six Modules of the Facebook Ads masterclass from ConnectIQ Academy are Wilco de Kreij’s A to Z tutorial on how to set up and scale successful Facebook Advertisements.

This is a great Facebook Ads training. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Researched, tested, and improved by Wilco de Kreij, who spent millions of dollars on Facebook advertising to master all of the secrets, methods and techniques.

Become a Facebook Ads Pro with ConnectIQ Academy.

Retargeting Machine for Smarter Retargeting

Retargeting Machine - Wildly profitable retargeting funnel

Wilco de Kreij’s Retargeting Machine is a seven-day, implementation plan to help you set up your own highly profitable retargeting funnel. Tested and proven to work.

It’s as good as a “done-for-you” retargeting campaign gets. Wilco is also providing you with his tried-and-true ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ ad templates. These templates work in every niche at absolutely no extra cost!

If you’re already running retargeting ads, Wilco will show you how to make them even more profitable. He will also reveal his best performing retargeting ads, sharing the essential basics step by step, to start smarter retargeting asap.

Retargeting Machine can help you run Great retargeting ads that earn 3-7x the profits of your regular retargeting campaigns.

The best part is, you can start implementing it in your business starting today, without needing any special skills or experience!

Get Retargeting Machine (& Bonusses) Now

Perfect Ad Formula

Perfect Ad Formula - Templates and step by step formulas for winning Facebook ads

If you’re looking for ways to create the perfect ad on Facebook, Wilco de Kreij is your man.

Successful marketers understand that trial and error only leads us to learn more, and where things can be improved.

With years of trial and error experience and creating successful software tools for Facebook marketing, Wilco knows how to teach you the tricks of the trade.

His Perfect Ad Formula will help you create ads that are irresistible to potential customers.

Wilco will guide you through the process of creating your winning ad. Templates, step by step formulas and instructions… everything’s there.

Protect Your Facebook Ad Account

Protect Your Ad Account is Wilco de Kreij’s insider System to staying on Facebook’s “Good Side” and even getting accounts back you thought were gone forever!

You’ll learn how to protect your Facebook ads account from the “ban hammer,” as well as proven methods to reactivate it if it gets disabled.


UpViral viral referral marketing tool

What is UpViral?

UpViral is a Viral Referral Marketing Platform that uses channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp to build massive email lists of engaged subscribers quickly.

It is easy to use and plugs right into your existing sites and pages, so you can get your first campaign up and running quickly.

This powerful software platform does smart viral marketing for your business, increasing traffic, leads and sales.

UpViral is a great way to promote your business, it helps reduce ad costs, and increase profitability.

Workshop Viral Funnels – Free training

Watch this free video training and learn step by step how to create a viral funnel that helped one entrepreneur generate $300,000 on his first go – and $1.5 million on his second try.

Watch this Short Video Presentation to Find Out More.

Older Other Products from Wilco de Kreij

Other earlier created products by Wilco de Kreij are:

  • SEO Rank Monitor is a comprehensive SEO Rank Tracker that allows you to track your competitors, monitor your SEO performance, and boost your rankings.
  • Zosocial is a tool to create and manage Facebook timeline contests (Like & Win actions).
  • VideoSkin is a customizable Facebook video player that lets you to use Facebook videos more effectively to establish, promote and boost your brand / business.
  • TeeProfits is a step by step case study to help you make over $30,000 selling T-shirts on Facebook.

Final Words

Wilco de Kreij is a highly respected authority in the field of Facebook advertising, and his products are some of the best in the business.

If you’re looking to improve your ROI from Facebook ads, then Wilco’s products are definitely worth checking out.

Thanks for reading our overview of his most popular products and training – We hope you found it helpful.