Wilco de Kreij – Successful Founder of Connectio and UpViral

Entrepreneur Wilco de Kreij Founder Connectio and UpViral

Wilco de Kreij is a well-known and highly respected internet entrepreneur from The Netherlands.

He is the founder of Connectio and UpViral, two very successful marketing companies.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Wilco’s story and find out what makes him such a winner in the world of online marketing. We’ll also explore some of his products for smart online marketers and advertisers.

Over the last few years he has helped over 40,000 clients to get… a Higher Return On Investment (ROI) from their Facebook Ads.

You may know some of his clients: Ben Adkins, Scott Oldford, Nicholas Kusmich, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, and Mike Dillard.

De Kreij personally sold for over $30 million online.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Wilco and what makes him tick, then keep reading!

Wilco de Kreij’s Story

Nowadays Wilco’s name sounds familiar to many internet marketers worldwide. He is a farmer’s son from the Netherlands who began as an entrepreneur, when he was 16 years old.

Today De Kreij owns multiple multi-million Dollar businesses, Connectio & UpViral, and he spent over $1,000,000+ on Paid Advertising.

Some people call him a Facebook Ads Nerd :-). He’s been running ads since 2011.

He jumpstarted importing and selling physical products (such as sunglasses and RC airplanes) online in 2002.

The sunglasses project was undoubtedly his very first business victory. Achieving a turnover of €17,000 in one summer was – certainly at the age of 16 – a big milestone.

Soon Wilco discovered that marketing was much more fun.

From then on he started focusing on online marketing. A significant part of his success was in launching a large number of concepts (e.g. websites).

In the beginning, often aimed at generating sales as an affiliate marketer, and making profits using Google AdSense and Google AdWords.

There-after he started to focus more on the international market, both as an affiliate and also developing and launching his own software tools. WP4FB is an example, a WordPress plugin that has been sold more than 7500 times worldwide.

Since 2014 he’s been mainly focusing on SaaS ventures. During that year alone he founded VideoSkin, ZoSocial and re-launched SEO Rank Monitor.

During his online journey, Wilco found out that he wanted to empower business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them achieve more business, by getting more blog /site visitors and thereby building goodwill and trust.

In addition, Wilco was extremely interested in the concept of referral that Dropbox had used to grow its customers base. Existing clients were being offered a certain amount free storage space for every friend they referred and signed up with.

This helped them quickly grow their user community exponentially!

Wilco learned from these concepts, and added his own touch. He applied and experienced them in the real world, using Facebook. The results… were great!

He decided to focus on Facebook marketers and advertisers, helping them:

  • to become more effective in their Facebook Ads marketing efforts;
  • to increase their conversions;
  • and getting higher ROIs.

And… like I said before, De Kreij spent over $1,000,000+ on Facebook Paid Advertising, so he knows what he’s talking about. Paid traffic is his favorite way to get traffic.

A few years ago he was being listed on Entrepreneur (.com) as “the Facebook Ad expert”.

Fb Ads Expert Wilco

In 2015 entrepreneur Wilco started building a team with talented developers, designers, and internet marketers, and founded Connectio and UpViral, with headquarters in Maarssen (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

Let us zoom in on both businesses and check out (some of) the tools and services that the marketspace loves. You find a more detailed overview of De Kreij products on our blog.


Wilco de Kreij's business Connectio.io

The Company

Connectio has been specializing in Facebook™ marketing for the past decade. They created a number of award-winning softwares that help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers get top results from their ad campaigns on Facebook.

Their mission:

Is to help business owners around the globe become more effective with Fb™ ads.

Learn more about Connectio.io.

Connectio’s Tools for Facebook

If you’re a entrepreneur, marketer, or advertiser, you know that staying up-to-date on the latest tools and apps is essential to your business success.

These solutions are designed to help you reach your target audience and achieve your Facebook marketing goals.

So, whether you’re looking for a new tool to add to your arsenal or just want to learn more about what’s out there, read on…

Next, we’ll discuss ConnectExplore, ConnectAutomate, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget, and ConnectLeads.

ConnectExplore for Targeting Interests without Guesswork

Wilco de Kreij's ConnectExplore Fb Interest targeting tool

ConnectExplore is an Automated, Smart Research Tool that uncovers Facebook Interests your competitors will never find.

With the built-in Layering feature, you can laser target hottest fans in any niche.

You can Optimize your Facebook Ad Results with detailed interest performance data, without Split Testing. It’s a real time- and money-saver.

You can also find a review including a ConnectExplore demo on our blog.

Find Out More about ConnectExplore…

ConnectAutomate to Create Automated Facebook Ads

Wilco de Kreij's ConnectAutomate turns posts into ads

Connect Automate…

  • Is a rule-based software that identifies Facebook posts with high engagement, and turns those into Ads. This tool turns your Best-Performing Posts Into Ads.
  • Is a Huge Time & Money-Saver – On Autopilot.
  • Puts the right content in front of the right audience at the right time!

Here you find an article where I share more details concerning this tool that creates Facebook Ads based on your best performing posts.

It’s a big help for Fb advertisers.

ConnectLeads to Sync your Lead Ads into your Autoresponder

Wilco de Kreij's ConnectLeads

Connect Leads is a software that will help you to connect Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder.

This means, that if you’re using a Fb Lead Form to collect e-mail addresses from your visitors, it automatically sends this information to your email software or autoresponder.

ConnectLeads focuses to collect e-mail addresses from subscribers from Facebook onto your e-mail list.

Learn More about ConnectLeads…


Wilco de Kreij's ConnectAudience

What is ConnectAudience?

Another App… Using this powerful and easy-to-use software tool, you can easily retarget your subscribers with email marketing campaigns on Facebook.

ConnectAudience creates custom audiences of people who have opened your email but didn’t click a link… or those that didn’t open it yet – for more targeted advertisements!

This is all done by syncing email subscribers directly into a Custom Audience inside of your Facebook Ads account!

ConnectAudience will do all the work, creating custom audiences that you can promote to for great returns.


Wilco de Kreij's ConnectRetarget

Retargeting is a hot topic in marketing.

It’s one of the most effective ways to reach out and engage with prospects.

You can use a Facebook pixel to measure whether a visitor has visited your website.

ConnectRetarget goes a bit further than that. This web-based retargeting tool on Facebook, is like an extra layer on top!

Using ConnectRetarget you can also measure:

  • How long your visitor has been on your blog.
  • How far this has scrolled through your page.
  • Which pages have been visited.
  • How many times the visitor has already visited the website.
  • And more.

These analytics allow you to retarget your site visitors using Fb Advertisements based on how they behave on your blog /site.

You can aim much more precisely, the costs per lead or sale will significantly be lower,
and chances are high you will be more profitable.

ConnectIQ Academy

Connect IQ Academy is a 6 Modules Ads masterclass training where You are guided from A to Z to learn how to Create and Scale profitable Ads.

6 Modules with 65 detailed step-by-step ad training videos and 49 PDFs (including Checklists, in-depth knowledge, examples and mind maps).

Unfortunately, this Offer Is Closed.


Wilco de Kreij's UpViral business

The company

The online marketing business UpViral is specialized in viral referral marketing. Their global team has developed the premier application environment for increasing blog /site traffic by rewarding your visitors with incentives to refer others.

This powerful platform, named after the company, is available to businesses and enterprises of any size.

UpViral’s Mission:

Is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers around the globe maximize the power of the internet and social marketing to grow.

The UpViral team that developed this viral referral marketing tool

What is UpViral?

Most businesses struggle to generate quality targeted traffic in a manner which is consistently profitable. Simply put, paid advertisements and SEO campaigns can be costly both financially as well time-wise if done wrong.

The answer can often be found in a viral referral marketing strategy.

UpViral is a revolutionary viral referral marketing platform that can help you grow your email list and reputation exponentially.

It does all it takes to gain more traffic, leads and sales for your business in a smart way by leveraging channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more.

Imaging building an enormous email list of engaged subscribers in a very short amount of time- saving you tons on costly campaigns, that never gain traction with their target audience.

UpViral plugs right into your existing site(s) or page(s) so that getting started with viral marketing campaigns is easy and quick!

Wilco de Kreij's UpViral user Russell Brunson

UpViral’s environment let you run campaigns such as sweepstakes, rewards and waiting lists.

With the power of word-of-mouth at your fingertips UpViral can help boost brand awareness for any company.

People will want to share your content with their peers which means the potential for increased traffic or sales is huge!

To put it in other words: this is the way to get more customers into your business.

If you want to understand more about viral marketing… check out this free training video where UpViral’s founder Wilco explains How a Viral Funnel Works.

Review – Final Words

Wilco de Kreij's review. Fb Ad Pro

If you want to grow your business, the first thing that needs to happen is figuring out how you can help solve a customer’s problem.

De Kreij has been doing this for years, and his products are always focused on solving a specific problem, especially when it comes to Facebook Ads. 


  • it’s clever automation of time-consuming manual tasks,
  • solving (re-)targeting issues,
  • or taking the guesswork out of Facebook advertising,
  • Wilco de Kreij’s products are some of the best in the business for increasing Facebook ads results.

Do you advertise on Facebook?

Starting paid ads is one of the quickest ways to get in front of more people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

But, it’s not as simple as pressing a button and watching the sales roll in. Like anything else worthwhile, advertising takes time, effort and experimentation to get it right.

That’s where De Kreij comes in. He can help you get better results, faster.

I love his energy and enthusiasm, when he’s sharing what’s working, and what’s not.

Traffic generation, especially paid traffic, is one of Wilco de Kreij’s areas of expertise. He’s the perfect person to learn from if you want paid traffic to work for your business.

Wilco de Kreij’s Connectio products are designed to help you laser-focus your ad spend on your most highly motivated prospects, so that you get the best ROI possible. 

He offers a range of Facebook Ads solutions that have been proven to help businesses achieve their marketing goals, without breaking the bank.

And, if you’re looking for an extra edge in getting your marketing campaign started, he also offers viral referral marketing tools (UpViral) to help you multiply the results of your paid ads.

It’s the fastest way to grow your email list and social following without spending a fortune on ads. UpViral is the perfect tool to help you get more leads, and turn them into customers.

What I really love, Wilco de Kreij’s products are very user-friendly. De Kreij included videos to show you exactly how his products work and what they can do for your business.

Though most of his products are pretty self-explanatory.

Another thing I really appreciate is that if you have any questions, or need support, Wilco de Kreij’s customer support is quick, professional, and focused on marketing.

As a result, you may be assured that you’re getting the best service possible.

Remember, if you’re looking to increase your Facebook ads results you need to keep some things in mind.

As with anything, there are no guarantees. A good work ethic is key to being successful. So be prepared to put in massive and consistent effort and action if you want to see some great improvements.

Facebook ads can be a great way to boost your business results, but it’s important to use the right tools.

The Connectio and UpViral tools can help you see a better ROI for your Facebook ad campaigns.

These products are Not for those looking for a quick fix or a magic button, but for those willing to put in the work, they can be a really valuable asset. 

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone who is serious about wanting to increase their Facebook advertising results.

You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading.

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