What is ConnectAutomate? Creating Automated Facebook Ads

ConnectAutomate is a Facebook advertising tool created by Connectio founded by Wilco de Kreij.

This tool helps you identify ‘Winning’ Advertisements, and… Eliminates Losers, so you only put $ behind likely winners.

And that’s really what ConnectAutomate is all about:

Figuring out which ads have a high ROAS (return on ad spend) and which not.

ConnectAutomate 1, 2, 3…

1. Turns only your Best Performing Posts Into Ads.

ConnectAutomate is a Rule-Based Software that Identifies Posts with High Engagement, and turns those into Facebook Ads. So you only ever put $ behind messages… that are Proven to Resonate with your Audience.

2. Massive Time & Money-Saver… On Autopilot.

ConnectAutomate automates the Entire Process from identifying ‘High-Engagement’, all the way through to creating & submitting the Ad,… and monitoring the performance. Aka: Maximizing for conversions!

3. The Right Content for the Right Audience at the Right Time.

ConnectAutomate targets Prospects at their stage of their Buyer’s journey. No more worrying about ‘Cold’, ‘Warm’, or ‘Hot’ Leads.

Put the Right content in front of the Right target audience at the Right time!

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Why Do You Need ConnectAutomate?

Well,… Facebook organic reach of your content is very LOW!

Combat declining facebook reach using connect automate

So your content is NOT getting the exposure it deserves.

To combat declining reach, Facebook wants you to Boost Posts

But you Can’t Control Boosted Posts the way you control Facebook Ads, because of:

1. Limited Marketing Objectives: Only focus for Post Engagement;

2. Limited Targeting Options: Less control over Who Sees Your Facebook Ads.

In other words: You’re NOT leveraging the Full Power of Facebook’s Ads System.

Meaning: You’ll lose money!

For Whom Is ConnectAutomate For?

Here’s who this is for:

  • Local business owners;
  • eCommerce store owners;
  • Direct sales;
  • Social media managers;
  • B2C;
  • Non-profits;
  • Coaches or consultants;
  • B2B;
  • Network marketers…

Anyone who wants More reach using their Facebook Page!

Here you can check out the Demo….

ConnectAutomate Questions & Answers

ConnectAutomate questions and answers

To make sure you can make an informed decision, we’ll include some frequently asked questions as well.

Here you go:

How Does ConnectAutomate Work Exactly?

ConnectAutomate will keep an eye on your Facebook page 24/7. Based on pre-created rules that you control, it’ll automatically detect if any of your Facebook Posts gets a lot of engagement.

For example: If a post gets shared many times, or it gets a lot of comments… it’ll detect that, and then automatically turn that into an optimized Facebook Ad.

That’s a short explanation – I’d recommend checking the ConnectAutomate Demo video.

Why Do You Need ConnectAutomate?

The short answer? As you may have noticed, running profitable Facebook Ads isn’t as easy as it used to be. Using ConnectAutomate, this is easier while saving time and money.

Here’s a longer answer as there are 2 big benefits you should know about. One is obvious, the other less obvious but with bigger impact.

The obvious benefit is, well, obvious: it’s a huge time & money-saver. Once you’ve set up the rules, the software takes over and does the rest on autopilot. You’ll get guidance on that, so you don’t have to guess what might work.

Like I said above, it automates the entire process to maximize your conversions.

And because you’re only putting money behind ads that get engagement (that in turn result in high Click Through RateS, and hence low Cost Per Click)… you’re saving a ton of money on all those ads that basically have no chance to begin with!

Not paying for ads where you pretty much already know they’re going to bomb is the new way, and it’s the clever way .

Is ConnectAutomate Easy to Use?

Definitely! In fact, that’s been the priority while building out this platform (and based on initial feedback it’s safe to say Connectio succeeded).

Is ConnectAutomate Approved by Facebook?

Yes, all Wilco de Kreij products are 100% approved by Facebook.

Is Training Included?

Yes, You’ll get clear video instructions.

Is there a Guarantee?

Of course there is! There is a 30-day refund guarantee. No worries.

Just give it a go and try it out for 30 days. In case it’s not what you expected, just send Connectio a message within 30 days – no hard feelings.

What’s the Price?

The regular price is $47/month (= $564/year), including Unlimited Rules, usage on Unlimited Facebook Pages, and ConnectAutomate Course Videos.

In comparison, there’s another tool which does something similar, and they charge $499/month ($5988/year) for up to 50 FB Pages (while Wilco de Kreij offers unlimited).

So, if you’re interested, you can find out all the details Here.

To your Success!

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