Review – Who is Sarah Staar?

If you landed on this page chances are that you want to know more about UK’s Internet Marketer Sarah Staar.

Yes, it’s time for a Sarah Staar review, but First I want to share some of Sarah’s Free Products with You.

Feel free to Download one or more of these Free video courses in several different Internet Marketing niches…. I believe this is a great way to learn more about (and from!) Sarah. Below you find a more detailed Review.

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I hope you take advantage of these FREE courses.

In order to get Internet Marketing working as well as fulfilling my goals I avoided all the hype and white noise, and figured out affiliate marketing. My own affiliate marketing training. Now let’s start with a more detailed review.

Who Is Sarah Staar?

While looking for people I trusted and built a good track record regarding internet marketing coaching, I came across Sarah Staar. To make a long story short, I discovered Sarah via Mark Anastasi, the author of ‘the laptop millionaire’, and Martin Avis, her own internet marketing coach.

However, Who is Sarah Staar and why am I really enthusiastic about her as well as the products & solutions she offers? As an example, Why could she help You finding profitable niches?

Internet marketing mentor

Well, let’s begin with a brief introduction. Aside from the point that Sarah is actually known as the most successful UK female internet marketer and has a reputation as being trusted:

  • She is the creator of 30 best-selling products in the Internet Marketing Community.
  • She runs live workshops & live online coaching classes for her students.
  • For the last 5 years, her average affiliate income stream has been $25,000 a month.
  • Her House Rules are No ‘get rich quick’, No ‘do nothing, get paid’ & No ’empower network stuff’.

Yes, Sarah undeniably knows exactly what she is talking about and she has the talent to Teach the required skills, and transfer her expertise to others. Her training style is clear, no baloney, and easy to understand.



As I’ve brought up before (About me) the following Criteria are very important for me:


Is actually Delivered what was Offered? Certainly! Sarah really over delivers, and shares lots of free material, everything focused to realize our goals. Her internet marketing training videos are going to give you relevant information that you can apply right away to build your very own internet based business!


Does this Satisfy our (customer) Demands with minimum use of resources? Yes, we are doing the Right things, No B.S., Absolutely no filler. She shows the exact steps to be taken in order to make money online.

User Friendliness

Is it easy & challenging to Learn and Apply? Yes it is. There are lots of videos as well as transcripts, always professionally & pragmatically done. I have already watched lots of her training videos. She explains each of the subjects with clarity, and also in a step by step form that is easy to copy, regardless of experience.

Furthermore What about (customer) Service?

Great! You can access a service desk or you can mail her directly. A couple of years ago she even made a video for me, after I asked about targeting Facebook audiences!

With Sarah Staar you have a great opportunity to learn directly from somebody who is really successful in internet marketing. Some of Sarah specialties:

  • List Building;
  • How to promote High Paying Affiliate Programs (for those who are sick of getting only those $17 affiliate commissions);
  • Quality traffic – Social Media – Facebook. For the past 2 years She has been getting most of her traffic from Facebook.

To be clear I started using Sarah’s free offers. The very first one was ‘COPY and PROFIT‘: A free video revealing some uncommon secrets on how to reverse engineer $1,000 affiliate campaigns.

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On this website I will provide more (free) offers. Especially the offers that are related to how to find your niche.

Sarah Staar

To make a brief recap: Sarah Staar has put together so much relevant information for anyone who would like to Learn how to earn money online (from home) and how to Start an internet business.

Try the free offers and make up your mind!

To your Success.




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