Who is Super Affiliate Marketer Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is the founder of Affilorama.com, a free (mastermind) site, in which successful affiliate marketers meet and share ideas. I was inspired by the content he shared during a 2 hour webinar, a couple of months ago. That made me curious to check out his products.

Affilorama Affiliate marketing training, software and support

What’s Affilorama All About?

At Affilorama you find lots of information about Niche Market research, Niche site building, How to monetize a blog / site and Much Much More.., all centered around his products AffiloTools, AffiloBlueprint (no longer available), and Pathway to Passive.

Mark’s website is a great free resource to support his training, and to start creating extra online income streams.

How Did Mark Start with Affiliate Marketing?

Mark is an Affiliate marketer for over a decade now and is doing very well, both as an affiliate and as a product owner.

When he first started out he was at one point $120,000 in debt, he worked at Pizza hut, and he was living in an old, cold, small apartment.

This situation was very stressful and he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t quite figure out what he wanted to do, and then he discovered affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commission by promoting other people’s products.

Mark started out with affiliate marketing in college. A friend discovered it first and was making $50 per week. That made Mark curious, and it was enough to get him motivated and give it a try. And you can imagine: he is really glad he did 😉

Affiliate marketing is the business model that brought him a lot of success. He made his first $400,000 as an affiliate, before he decided to create his own product to bring his business to the next level.

Now he is doing both: making 60% of his income from AM and 40% as a product owner.

He likes to teach his students both ways:  Starting out as an affiliate and later on creating their own products.

On the internet you can find proof of his earnings and that he is someone who knows what he is talking about, as well as students giving him credit and /or showing their proof of income, proving that his stuff really works.

Mark’s Case Study

Mark got his own father in to it. He is now doing affiliate marketing as well, after working for the government for over 30 years.

For Mark this case study shows that no matter your age or background, it is possible to succeed, if you can follow / willing to follow a set of clear instructions.

This case study inspired him to teach other people as well. Nowadays his sister is also involved.

If you can copy and paste and follow instruction you can do this stuff.

You all got to Start somewhere…

My Opinion

In my opinion Mark Ling is a trustworthy internet marketing coach. His products:

  • Could bring you the desired results, IF you are willing to put energy in his programs. Do the Homework. Above (father, sister, and lots of students sharing their results) are examples of the Effectivity of Mark’s courses;
  • All his programs contain easy to follow step-by-step guides, are delivered as pdf-documents, and over-the-shoulder videos (Efficiency). Mark shows the exact steps to be taken in order to earn money online with an affiliate niche website;
  • Come with Real Human Support (24/7/365). Don’t forget about the Affilorama Forum.

Looking back, it was for me really exciting to make my first affiliate sale. After making more and more affiliate sales, it made me realize that it was possible to make a living online.

It is doable… if you are Persistent and if you follow the Instructions that are proven to be successful. Here you find my six lessons when starting my online business activities.

As mentioned in an earlier article I now own different sites/blogs in several niches.

What I like most is that when I want to know “how something works”, or want to know “the benefits of a product”, just “everyday questions”…

I always check first if it could be profitable to set up a site for that particular subject (fasting, soccer coaching, healthy way to get rid of belly fat, …etc.).

In other words: are other people having the same questions and can I help them by providing answers to their questions?

This is a great place to start – If you want to learn how to earn money online as an affiliate, as well as a future product owner.

Here you find a Review of AffiloBlueprint (no longer available).

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