Review of internet marketing coach Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint

Next, you find a review of Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint. This course is a step-by-step guide to creating a profitable affiliate marketing website / blog. Mark is an internet marketing coach and the founder of Affilorama; a website for affiliate marketers.

Internet marketing coach Mark LingI was inspired by Mark and his personal story after attending one of his webinars about how to find a niche for affiliate marketing, a couple of months ago. So first, let me tell you a little bit more about Mark.

Mark was broke and working at Pizza hut during his college days, so when his friend showed him a commission check he earned by doing affiliate marketing, Mark got really motivated and began to only focus on Affiliate marketing.

In less than a year he was earning $3,000 per week, by designing affiliate niche websites with high rankings in the search engines.

Later on, after he got slapped by Google, his income dropped, but he didn’t give up. Mark combined building and ranking websites with email marketing.… and eventually he developed his own product(s).

The Result?

Well, Mark was again very successful, and… he was determined to create his own product to teach other people how to earn money online with affiliate niche websites.

He decided to start with his dad first, this would help his dad to leave a very stressful job and at the same time it would be a great case study for him to find out whether he was able to teach people without any technical Internet skills, just like his dad, how to make money online.

The Result?

His father, who is now retired, has a 6-figure income; an almost passive income stream.

And Mark?

He did not stop here, he decided to launch his program to help other people, just like his dad, earn money online. Both affiliate marketing and being a product owner made him an 8-figure millionaire.

A review of internet marketing coach Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint


What is AffiloBlueprint all about?

AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step system guiding you on:

  • How to find a niche market;
  • How to build an affiliate blog / website from scratch;
  • How to drive web traffic and monetize your blog / site.

It is an “affiliate marketing for beginners”-course containing 12 modules (over 85 video lessons), homework assignments to “stay on the path”, and much more. Each module is delivered with PDF notes, as well as over-the-shoulder videos.
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AffiloBlueprint – What’s in it for you?

You can use the program wherever you are and whenever you want. You only need a computer and an internet connection. The above mentioned features can help you to succeed as an affiliate marketer.


1. A Website, Traffic and Monetization – No Mysteries

The training removes all kinds of confusion and mysteries about niche finding, site building, content management, getting web traffic, having your site ranked high in Google (and other search engines), and monetizing your niche website.

I looked at a lot of different sources, I went through Mark’s training course, and I can tell you that it’s a comprehensive, step-by-step, and very complete “mistake proof” program; just what beginner affiliate marketers need.

At the end of the AffiloBlueprint course, when you follow the instructions you have:

  • An operational affiliate website (WordPress),
  • Web traffic,
  • And you will be able to monetize your website.


2. AffiloBlueprint’s One-on-One real human support – 365/24/7

The course provides 24 hours support to ensure that you get everything you want. You can submit your website to the staff team so that it can be reviewed. You have internet marketing coaches there for you.

They can give you advice concerning improvements, one-on-one training, and support. If you purchase AffiloBlueprint, you can ask questions, share issues, as much as you need. When you do so, you are sure of getting a quick response from Ling’s support team. No extra charge!


3. AffiloBlueprint – Value for your Money

I really believe everything is included to build, release, and monetize your affiliate websites.

You don’t have to spend extra money. The right tools are supplied; you will even learn to use free tools and services, for example to rank your site(s).

To be clear, you don’t have to worry about web design and webhosting because:

  • The powerful Affilotheme WordPress theme is included;
  • 1 Year hosting is included for up to 5 websites.

Instead of spending more money, you are probably saving money

DON’T forget that the end result of this training is: a finished money making affiliate website, and you will be able to do it over and over again. Eventually this system could pay itself…


AffiloBlueprint Cons

AffiloBlueprint isn’t a Done For You solution. You will learn the skills and gain knowledge, so you can do the process yourself as many times as you want, whenever you want.

AffiloBlueprint is NOT a Done For You (DFY) online business containing:

  • A DFY website.
  • And DFY emails for list building.

So, It is a training course; that’s why they can offer it for a reduced price.

Be aware. You have to put energy into this training! Do the homework, then you will learn all the necessary skills.

Finally, If you are persistent and you don’t give up you will be rewarded!

A Review of internet marketing coach Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint



For me it’s very important that any course, I invest in meet the next 3 criteria:

  • The course should be Effective: AffiloBlueprint has real results backing up their system. You get access to the exact same system Mark, his father, and many successful students have used for years now. You can find lots of success stories;
  • The course should be Efficient: AffiloBlueprint is a “mistake-proof” (poka yoke), easy to follow, step-by-step approach, supported by written content (PDF’s), as well as great over-the-shoulder videos;
  • There should be great Support: You don’t have to “figure it out” for yourself. AffiloBlueprint comes with Real Human Support, 365/24/7. There’s an active forum as well.

If you want to succeed as an internet marketer, I highly recommend AffiloBlueprint.

However you will only be successful, if you are willing to take action and follow Mark’s instructions…

Starting an online affiliate business?

You have nothing to lose, it is all backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. Check out the FREE bonuses, worth $164, and find out more about AffiloBlueprint yourself, right Here.

To your success!