Niche selection tips: Niche research (1/2)

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In the following posts I provide an introduction with niche selection tips relating to niche research. I cover the topics ‘Watch Trends’, ‘Hang out at forums’, ‘More Tools to use’ and ‘Keywords’. The information and tools shared below could help to:

  • get niche ideas,
  • pick a niche market,
  • and / or to narrow a chosen niche market,
  • and discover potential information the market wants.

Traditional offline research like surveys and focus groups can be very effective, but it is very time and money consuming. Because of this as well as the fact that a lot of beneficial internet tools are available, most internet marketers use Internet when it comes to niche research. I will check out several valuable free tools online in order to describe this niche marketing strategy.

Watch Trends

In case you haven’t decided on your niche yet a great way to begin, is searching for hot trends. Always try to be aware of trends as well as events in real life. This can easily help you finding profitable niches. You can flip through newspapers, magazines (both general and niche specific), watch the news and / or listen to the radio.

Additionally you can use online tools in order to find a niche market. First explore Google Zeitgeist for the hottest search trends. Look for Ideas & Discover the top 100 searches of 2013 in this Google Zeitgeist 2013 video or visit the Google Zeitgeist website.

.Finding your niche - Google Zeitgeist 2013

Websites like Google Trends show what’s trending now – what are the hot searches and top charts:

  • Check out the hottest search trends. At this point you are just looking for ideas. In case you spot that a specific subject is hot, make a mindmap / note of it. Later you can explore more targeted sub-niches at more specialized sites.
  • The news volume is synced with the search volume. A number of popular news articles are displayed, along with where they occurred on the timeline.
  • Which countries, cities, as well as languages made the most searches? Understand that the indicators are adjusted for that region’s population.
  • Change regions (e.g. if you want to check the U.S. only), and you can also change the time period. Discover periodic trends.

Finding your niche - Global Google trends

Some other websites where you can check the most recent trends are:

Assuming that you have, at some stage, several broad ideas to research, you want to look deeper. As well as you want to make sure there is a good market when it comes to those ideas. Let’s dig deeper.

Hang Out At Forums

One of the most effective resources to use for conducting research about any subject is to find out just what people are saying about the subject in discussion forums. To find a specific discussion forum, simple search for your keyword phrase + discussion forum (e.g. soccer training discussion forums or mind control discussion forums).

First observe and scan everything people are sharing relating to your chosen niche topic. This particularly will help you to get a feeling about the problems in that niche as well as how people are trying to solve them.

Find out the different range of problems and their remedies & solutions. The more research you do this way, the more you’ll Learn about real factors that affect this niche market. As soon as you have figured out what drives them, and exactly what their problems are, at that point you can fine tune your offer in a way, that will to provide them with the right solutions!

I will describe the topics ‘More tools to use’ and ‘Keywords’ in the next post relating to ’Niche selection tips: Niche research’

.Finding your niche - Google trends graph