Niche selection tips – How to find your niche

Niche selection tips

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Whether you are planning to create your own product or you are actually going to be an affiliate, you need to know your market inside out. In the following posts I provide an overview with niche selection tips. In various videos and eBooks shared on this website you get more detailed information about how to find your niche.

When selling a product, a lot of people make the mistake of Creating / Selecting their product first, then afterwards trying to find a market for it. The process should be reversed:

  • Initially you find a niche market that spends money,
  • then you learn what these people want,
  • and finally you offer it to them.

This is certainly easier said than done, so let’s explore choosing a niche: ‘How to choose a niche market?’.

There are generally two approaches in how to find a niche market to get started with:

  • you start off with something that you already know a great deal about and are a master in.  Also figure out if it can make you money.
  • you start by checking out where the money is and follow that procedure in reverse while educating yourself on the topic.

Both approaches tend to work. For the second approach you need to have time in order to understand a new concept. Creativity & Curiosity are essential, to easily learn and retain new ideas.

Before fixing on any one niche marketing strategy, however, you need to understand that online marketing is basically a game of trial and error as well as fine-tuning and tweaking. It takes some time in order to get all the components right and see the kind of results you have been aiming for.

Whenever deciding on a particular niche, try and understand it from your customer’s perspective / mindset: Are they generally impulsive buyers? How old are they? What are they looking for? You should know your market inside out by doing lots of research. Figuring out your market is an important part of choosing your niche market as well as becoming successful.

How? Keep reading in order to find out. It’s covered in more detail in the next post dedicated to niche research: ‘What are the best ways to conduct market research?’.

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