Niche Ideas – Find a Hot Niche in Clickbank’s Marketplace

Find your niche with ClickbankToday I will show you how to find profitable niches with high margins and high conversion rates using the Clickbank marketplace.

Yes, again another way of niche finding explained to get niche ideas.

As you know by now, provides several different niche approaches. This article contains a description of 10 popular niche markets as well.

The approach outlined below on how to use Clickbank could be very useful to you if:

  • You are looking for a way to find your new niche,
  • And/ or you are looking for some (niche) products to promote in your chosen niche,
  • Or you just want to explore this marketplace.

This is something I learned from Mark Ling in one of his webinars.  Mark is an 8-figure affiliate marketer, as well as creator of the well-known Affilorama products.

Mark focuses on affiliate marketing and information product niches.


Well, to name a few reasons:

  • Info products have high margins and lots of those products have also high conversion rates,
  • There are plenty of recurring income possibilities,
  • You need no inventory,
  • There’s no need to learn how to make a sales page to sell a product.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to start and Set Up your own affiliate site/blog. Probably about $100 for hosting, for a domain name, and for a few articles (if you decide to outsource this).

Clickbank is one of many marketplaces available. It is a good source for information products. Mark Ling knows how to make money with Clickbank. 70% Of Mark’s online income comes from this affiliate network. This makes it a good place to start with.

You can also use our Customized Search Function to help you find profitable affiliate products and services.

1. Searching the Marketplace

Ok, let’s get started. Head over to and look at the array of categories listed down the left hand side of the page.

How to make money with ClickbankThe Clickbank Marketplace offers an easy way to look for affiliate products to sell online. You can search using sales statistics or keywords or by browsing through product categories and sub-categories.

When you click on a category, it will show a list with, at the top the most popular affiliate programs, in that category.

There are 2 ways to approach:

  1. Go specific by clicking a particular category, whether you know your niche market, or you are just curious about the most popular Clickbank products in that category.
  2. Go broad by hitting the search button without a search term; in case you don’t have a niche market in mind. You will get the most popular products in the marketplace.

Be aware, “most popular” doesn’t have to mean that this is the best product to pick. It means that these products are generating the most transactions for affiliates.

Even with products outside the top 100, affiliates are earning lots of money.

The “sort results by”-menu allows you to order the results of your search based on total sales (popular), products with the highest average commission rates ,initial sale price, and average rebill total.

You can also narrow results based on various criteria, including Shippable Media, whether it is a one-time or recurring purchase, and what language the vendor sells the product in.

Finally, the advanced search lets you perform highly sophisticated searches, such as looking for a recurring billing product with a commission rate above a particular percent.

However… How do you find out what’s really profitable?

Next I will discuss some of the filters shown on the left hand side and which values are suitable for beginner affiliate marketers. This is what Mark Ling showed me in the earlier mentioned webinar.

2. The Clickbank Marketplace Stats and Filling in the Criteria

Here you find the filters explained, as well as the Values to start with for affiliate marketers.

How to make money with clickbank

Gravity According to Clickbank:

Clickbank Gravity (Grav) is a form of measurement used by Clickbank to represent the number of unique affiliates who earn a commission simply by referring a customer to an advertiser’s product which then leads to, the customer purchasing the product. It doesn’t show how many products are sold by affiliates.

On Clickbank, it is referred to as weighted sum instead of an actual number. Gravity is based on the number of affiliates that made one or more sales, as well as how recent the sales were made.

For example: If an affiliate sold 1 or more products this week, Grav = 1. Grav would be lower (0,8) when he/she sold one or more products the week before.

It is a good idea to focus your search on any product with a gravity of 12 or higher. These are products with a proven history of selling effectively by at least 12 different affiliates. This is a rough rule of thumb.

You may run across items with a gravity that exceeds 100. This indicates a highly competitive niche, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it means that there is plenty of demand for products within this particular niche.

Also keep in mind that there may be times when you run across a low gravity product. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily avoid it. It may be undiscovered or new.

Initial $/ sale:

This refers to the average amount an affiliate earns for each sale of this particular product. One-time upsell purchases are also included in this category. This number includes account refunds, sales tax, and chargebacks. You want to look for those that are > $30.

Avg. $/sale:

Avg. $/sale is identical to that of the initial $/sale for one-time purchases. When a vendor sells recurring billing products, it equals the average total of the initial sale and rebills, divided by the number of initial sales.

Avg Rebill Total:

You only see this number if the vendor allows recurring billing products, such as memberships. It represents the average amount an affiliate makes on all rebilled sales.

Avg. %/sale:

This refers to the average commission rate earned for all sales of a specific vendor’s products, including upsells, rebills, and one-time purchases.

If recurring billing is offered, the number is the average total of the initial sale plus rebills, divided by the number of initial sales. You want to look for those that are at least (>) 50%.

Avg. % rebill:

Avg. % rebill represents the average commission rate earned completely on rebills. If you are looking for products with recurrent billing use at least 30%.

The Importance of PitchPlus:

PitchPlus gives you the ability to drive additional sales by capturing a buyer immediately after he or she has made a purchase and making them offers on additional value added or related products.

With a single click of a button, the consumer can immediately make the additional purchase using their original payment method. Adding upsells will increase the earnings per customer for both vendors and affiliates. It is, by far, one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your income.

Unfortunately, an upsell can’t be “one-click” if the customer used PayPal to pay for their purchase or the additional purchase is a product that will need to be shipped.

Let’s Recap the Clickbank filter values:

Try to use the mentioned criteria, they are a good rule of thumb to find interesting products, especially when you are new to affiliate marketing.

Look for products with a gravity higher than 12, an initial sales value ($) greater than $30, as well as an average commission rate of 50% or higher, and PitchPlus toggled.

In case you want to promote recurring billing products use an average commission rebill rate of at least 30%.

3. Choosing a Niche to Serve

If you didn’t choose a niche earlier, you can now Niche it down using the category you want.

Though, when it comes to making your final decision, opt for those with the most potential for income that you can easily talk/write about and promote.

It also makes sense to look for niche groups with people who are online looking for solutions to their problems. For the best results, it is important to look for a niche group that is desperately searching for a solution. Emotions have a long history of driving consumers to make a purchase.

In addition, you want to search for niches that are currently being underserved by today’s market. If a group is constantly going online to search for something and is constantly coming up empty-handed, this is a group with a serious need for your services.

Following, 10 popular niche markets (categories) to pick.

4. Top 10 Popular Niche Market Ideas

Niche Ideas and Niche market examples

There is a huge array of niches to choose from. However, you will definitely see better results with some rather than others. The following provides a look at 10 popular and profitable niche market examples, in any order:

1. Self-help/ Personal development

This includes everything from improving personal finances to finding success and learning how to manage time more wisely (and boosting productivity). This is a very wide niche market.

2. Spirituality/ Alternative beliefs

This niche market is closely related to the personal development niche. From the law of attraction, astrology, numerology, and tarot to the paranormal and psychics, there are plenty of (sub-)niches in this category.

3. Dating/ Relationship advice

This includes everything from relationship tips designed to save a relationship to how to find your soul mate.

4. Health/ Fitness

From dental health and mental health to strength training and nutrition, this category also has a number of niches to choose from.

5. Diet/ Nutrition/ Weight loss

So many people try at some point in time to lose weight. Once again, there are tons of (sub-)niches, including Low Sugar Diets, Cross Fit, Paleo Diet, Fasting, Getting rid of belly fat, and much more.

6. Muscle Building

This includes everything from muscle building diets to plans that will build muscle fast, while speeding up the process of getting rid of body fat.

7. E-business and internet marketing

From what products to sell online to how to direct traffic to your website, there is plenty to choose from in this “make money online”-category.

8. Work from home

Taking surveys is a product in this market, with a gravity rating of more than 200, this is one of the top selling products in this marketplace.

9. Dog / Puppy training

This category involves everything from discipline to how much a puppy should eat on a daily basis and even how to crate train. It is definitely a topic that plenty of people have questions about. A good strategy is to niche it down to breed level.

10. Video Game Guides

From the World of Warcraft to Destiny, people will buy game guides, even for free games.

Scroll through the categories and make a list of those niches you believe you could effectively promote.

When you use this marketplace effectively, choose the right niche and products to promote, you can definitely make money on ClickBank and even make a living online.

Are you ready to get started?

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