Niche Ideas and Examples – How to Find a Niche Market using Magazines

Niche market ideas and examplesIn this article I share niche selection tips; you will find several options to explore magazines, and also some examples of niche markets, I picked using magazines.

The right Niche selection is crucial for being successful in online marketing. A lot of people get stuck here and ask; “What kind of niche market should I go into?”, and “How do I know if it’s a profitable niche market?”.

To be successful you need web Traffic to make money; a marketplace, where Money is actually being spent.



How and Where do you find these niche markets?

Well, one of the easiest ways to find these niches, is to go to your local bookstore and to check out their magazine section. Look at all the different magazine topics they have, and try to find niche ideas by flipping through the magazines. This is one way to start and get ideas for markets and niches. For me, this is a great Starting Point.

You can be sure that if you can find a magazine about a particular topic, that this topic is going to be a good niche. Why? Because a publisher is spending money to publish this magazine and would only do this if people are actually buying this magazine on a regular basis.

So let’s say there are more than 5 magazines just in that one category, this tells you that this has to be a big market with a lot of profitable Niches.

When I flip through magazines and see a lot of advertisements, I right away know that this is a good market/niche and that money is being spent in this niche because of all the different advertisers who have their ads placed in these magazines.

Remember, Advertisers only pay for ads if they see a return on their investment!

So, the fact that these magazines (and the Ads inside) exist are great indicators that you can use these magazines to find your niche markets. There’s traffic and Money; People, who are probably interested in the subject, and buy regularly.


Niche finding approach: 4 ways to explore magazine 

Here I share 4 ways to explore magazines:

  1. Go to the Bookstore. You don’t even need to buy these magazines; you could just go in, take a notepad, and just write down all of the different niches. Or you could use your smartphone to take notes or even pictures (I use Evernote for that purpose).
  2. You don’t have to go out. Just Check out Here are current Magazines listed in all categories and they are ranked by popularity.
  3. Use Here you can find ten thousands of magazine titles. Search by category, conduct a detailed search, and / or analyze trends with “top selling magazines”.
  4. There are more online resources to check out. Here you find lists of magazinesmagazine subscriptions, and so on.

These are great resources for finding niche markets.

Getting niche market ideas and examples


5 Niche Market Examples

Next, I selected some examples of niche markets with lots of magazines. I’ll explain why I picked these categories (Niche Markets). In other words examples of big markets, marketplaces, and markets where money is being spent on (Expensive) products:

1. Boats and Yachts:

You can find several magazines about boats and yachts. How much does it cost to buy a yacht? Tens, or Hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you know that the people in this niche are spending a lot of money. The advertisers are selling very high ticket items: yachts, equipment for yachts, satellite navigation, GPS systems, yacht rental, Insurance and more.

2. Camper Vans:

You can also find magazines for motor homes and (VW) Camper Vans. Why is this interesting? Well, because in my bookstore, I found more than five different magazines all to do with camping, camper vans, RV’s, trailers, motor homes. It seems to be a big niche market. Also a Big Plus is that camper vans are Expensive. To buy a camper van, you’re talking 40, 50, $60,000 or more, and don’t forget all the accessories.

3. Planes:

I like planes. A friend of mine, who moved to Connecticut, learned to fly and got his license in the US. So every time when I visit him, he rents a small plane and we fly for a couple of hours… And yes, there are several magazines about flying, learning to fly, being a pilot, etc.

Learning to fly is really expensive; you can find several magazines about this subject or related to it. Look through the magazines and you will find ads about pilot equipment, like headsets, GPS, survival equipment, plane rental, Insurance, and so much more. So again, this is another really good market. And what about radio controlled planes…?

4. Golf:

So many Golf magazines! This is a big market as well, with lots of interesting niches. You find ads about the perfect golf swing and which muscles you use playing golf, golf equipment, “must have” golf items, “must play” golf courses, golf seminars, golf weekends,….. These are niche markets with hot buyers.

5. Motor cycles:

The last niche example in this article: Motor cycles, like Harley Davidson. Again, there are lots and lots of magazines about this and about related topics. I think you can fill in the potential of this hungry market yourself.

It’s not hard to find these markets and niches. You just use one or more ways, as described above, to explore magazines. You only need your notepad / smartphone and start jotting down some of these different niches; you will find topics or things you never even thought could be a great niche.

I believe the (5) niche market examples, I mentioned earlier, are really good topics to use for building an AdSense niche website and to start earning money online.

Check out “How to increase your AdSense earnings” and learn How you can enter such lucrative niches.


Next Actions after exploring niche magazines

Once you’ve got those ideas, what you obviously need to start to think about is, if this niche is going to transfer to the internet? Be sure the type of people who the magazine is aimed at, are actually using the internet. Check the demographics (for instance, an target audience with people over 75?).

The next step to perform is:

  • Now you have your niche ideas, you need to move to the next stage, which is Zooming in on the niche markets, and that’s what we’ll be talking about here:

Conduct proper Keyword Research using generic Words and / or using the “Allintitle:”-function

This way you can enter the above markets with low competition keywords.

Besides that magazines are a starting point to find market and niche ideas, you also get a feeling what people are already buying, by studying the advertisements. So, magazines are an excellent way to find (niche) products as well.

Also realize that, if you’ve picked a niche market, and you buy a few magazines, you’ll learn a lot about that niche market. In fact, If you read a magazine for a particular niche market for six months, you’ll probably be more of an Expert than most of the people in that market.

After that:

I hope all this information about the different ways to explore Magazines, and the selected niche examples, is valuable to you and will support you in finding great niche markets online as well as offline.


Learn more about niche finding…

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