6 Lessons on How to Start an Internet Business – My Internet Marketing Journey

Internet based businessIn an earlier article I recommended Sarah Staar’s ‘Niche Profit Class’ video series as a great step in order to start finding your niche. In this particular article I discuss my adventures in the 1st couple of months as I tried to learn Internet Marketing.

Well, after I started a year back I definitely wanted:

  • To learn how to find profitable niches;
  • To figure out what to sell online and how to sell affiliate products;
  • To earn money from home and create online (passive) income streams;
  • To have the security of knowing that you have money coming in each day and have the Freedom to travel or Do other awesome things.

The first couple of months were quite difficult. I found it complicated to focus and had some ‘enemies‘:

  • Information Overload – My attention was actually all over the place, and my initiatives were simply spread over a number of topics. The outcome: I did see and try a lot of systems, but I didn’t master one of them in a manner of bringing in some cash.
  • The types of methods which frequently are associated with the phrase ‘get rich quick scam‘ – These are often offered by experienced marketers, in the niche regarding teaching beginners ‘how to get from zero profits to generating tons of dollars, with minimal energy and effort’. BUT in reality, success is only accomplished by putting energy into a program that works.

Luckily for me, I didn’t become desperate and didn’t give up on my Dream altogether! It was definitely a battle, but the good part is, I have learned some valuable lessons on how to start an internet business:

1. Choose a good trustworthy internet marketing coach, mentor or guide, who has a truly good reputation online, and is aware of the needs of the average inexperienced Internet marketer.

2. Focus on one subject at a time in order to be able to master this subject. Complete every one of the suggested Steps and only then move on to the next Topic.

3. First, use some of the free information on the Internet – Only zoom in, after you have a high level understanding of the subject matter.

4. After exploring the free content on the net, only invest in one good product at a time. Ensure that it’s a great product which adds value for you. Is it going to move you closer to your goals? Be sure that the product you’ve picked, provides information, not normally found for free on the web.

5. Be not afraid of going slowly, Be only afraid of standing still.

6. My results were actually very depending on my state of mind. Better Think about things you Desire, rather than thinking about the things you don’t want.

I decided to only learn from people I trust and built a good track record for beginner Internet marketing coaching, to ignore all of the hype and white noise, and to figure out affiliate marketing thoroughly, I knew if I did all this, money could be made…

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