What is Clickbank All About and How Does It Work?

What is Clickbank

Here you can read all about Clickbank, and its benefits. You can also find alternatives.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network which helps to link up product owners (also known as merchants, advertisers, vendors, product sellers) with affiliates (also called publishers). The company was founded in 1998 and is based in the United States. Since launching, Clickbank has grown to become one of the most popular websites of its kind.

Clickbank gives owners the chance to sell a variety of digital products, such as computer software and eBooks. As well as providing a marketplace, Clickbank is also a payment processor.

Clickbank bridges the gap between product owners and affiliates; both need each other to make money. Product owners can use Clickbank as an effective way to advertise their products, and affiliates can pick them to promote and earn some of the best commissions available on the internet.

Benefits of  the Clickbank marketplace

Next, you find the benefits of Clickbank for both product owners and affiliates.

Benefits For Product owners / merchants

  • When starting an online business, advertising your products on Clickbank is a good way to get off the ground. Trying to promote everything on your own is difficult and time-consuming, but if you have affiliates to help do this, you will quickly begin earning money and making your brand more recognized.

Clickbank is ideal because they have plenty of affiliates ready and waiting to promote.

  • Clickbank is an excellent way to get people to buy your product via affiliates. As a product owner, all you need to do is set up an account and determine a price for your product. Clickbank will then give you the code for a sales button which you can put on your site.

This is great if you are selling a subscription product, as it requires little effort for the buyer to purchase it. All transactions take place via Clickbank, so you don’t need to worry about processing them yourself.

  • Merchants can also make some more money from Clickbank’s referral program scheme. If you can convince another product owner to sign up with Clickbank, you will receive 22% of their initial sign-up fee, and a small percentage of each product which they then go on to sell using the service.

Benefits For Affiliates / publishers

  • Clickbank is also suitable for affiliates who want to earn some extra cash. It’s free to sign up and you have plenty of products to work with.

Making money with Clickbank is possible, especially if you are already a skilled promoter. Clickbank merchants can set their commission rate between 1% and 75%, so as an affiliate, you know exactly what you stand to earn before you start and you can avoid bad product sellers.

  •  If you are hoping to make a substantial income with Clickbank then finding your niche is important. You need to fully understand the products you want to promote so you can attract potential buyers.

Thanks to the Clickbank marketplace which categorizes all of the Clickbank products on sale, it is not difficult to find the right products to promote. Information about each product is also available, as well as statistics on how often they sell and how much each purchase will make you.

Learn more about how to use Clickbank for getting niche ideas and products.

  • Receiving your first payments may take the most time, but it gets easier from then on. In order to confirm that you are genuine and are not buying the products you advertise yourself, Clickbank requires at least five purchases from five different credit cards before you receive payment.

However, once you have shown yourself to be an honest seller, getting payments from Clickbank is stress-free; checks are paid out every two weeks, providing you have reached your payment threshold (which you can set yourself).

What are Clickbank Alternatives?

Clickbank alternatives - Affiliate marketing marketplaces

There are a few Clickbank alternatives that are worth checking out:

  • Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare) is one of the most popular affiliate networks around, and they give you the chance to promote some top brands. While they may outdo Clickbank on the brands you can promote, signing up for Rakuten Affiliate Network is a more complicated process and you have to apply to every advertiser you wish to promote; it’s not certain they will accept you. In addition, the commission rates are not quite as high.
  • Amazon Associates is used by many because of the vast range of products one can promote This makes it ideal for any type of website. However, while Amazon is established in the affiliate industry, commissions tend to be rather low.

Making a living online is possible with affiliate networks, but when focusing on Amazon you probably need more (or larger) sites in several niches to increase your chances to succeed.

For example, by creating niche affiliate review sites.

Here you find our Customized Search Function, based on Amazon, Offervault, Google and Clickbank.

  • CJ Affiliate (by Conversant) is based in California and is one of the oldest affiliate networks around. For advertisers, there is plenty to promote. Publishers also get access to a big network of advertisers so CJ Affiliate is an active community.

However, common criticisms include the application process for advertisers and a lack of PayPal integration.

  • Also popular among advertisers and publishers is JVzoo. It’s easy to get started on the site and the company is very active, payments come quickly, and there is a PayPal option. Their customer service is also prompt and they charge lower fees per sale than Clickbank. However, some find the way JVzoo categorizes products could be better.

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