What and Why – Email marketing, List building and Autoresponders

Does email marketing work

In this article I’ll share background information about email marketing, list building, and autoresponders, (What is it?) and answer the question “Does email marketing work?”. I’ll also inform you about the benefits of starting your own email list for your (online) business (Why should you do it?).

Let’s start with the ” What?“-question…

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is, using email for communicating marketing messages.

It has become an effective process to reach and engage prospects / customers, resulting to be a profitable Asset for (online) business owners.

Be Responsible: Only send your (commercial) messages, if you have permission from the email addresses owner. Do not spam!

What is List building?

List building is the process of gathering people’s contact information (for example an email address). Basically it’s building a list of email addresses (subscribers, prospects or leads).

Often times, People are likely to share their email address in exchange for receiving valuable information, a special offer (discount), or a Give-Away / Freebie / Lead magnet of their interest.

After adding new subscribers to your list, you can start communicating with them, to educate and build a relationship and trust, and send your marketing message(s) (email marketing).

It’s all about lead nurturing :-), keeping your subscribers satisfied and engaged.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponder services are also called email service providers, email marketing services, e-mail marketing software / system, just to name a few.

It means that if someone subscribes to your list, you have a preset series of emails that will be sent to them on a predetermined rate automatically.

This is true automated email marketing.

When someone joins your list they get a series of emails (or newsletters), you have already written, already scheduled and they get those emails without you lifting a finger.

Those emails deliver content, offers, whatever you want, in the order and frequency that you decide.

Take the time to set up an autoresponder; if you are serious about starting and growing an internet based business.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Yes, it does work actually. 95% Of successful internet marketers will agree: An email list is their Most powerful Asset. But… only if you apply it the right way, Meaning you should focus on the relationship with your subscribers: the money is in the Relationship!

Over half of all Internet users check or send email on a typical day, using a computer, or mobile device, and this will probably only increase.

The enormous growth in using mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) has made email marketing one of the best ways to reach subscribers anytime, anywhere.

So, email marketers can reach substantial numbers of potential subscribers.

That are interesting additional facts to help answer the question of whether email marketing actually works…

There are many ways to make money online, but it is highly recommended that, while building your online business, you start and grow an email list of subscribers, who are interested in your niche market (website / blog).

What are the Benefits of List Building and Email Marketing?

Let’s zoom in on some more reasons to build a list for your marketing and sales activities.

Just to help you realize why email marketing and list building are so popular and why they could be important for your (online) business as well.

Here are 6 key benefits of email marketing and list building:

The importance of email marketing and list building

1. Building your own List(s) gives you (more) Control over your Business

You are less dependent on other people or companies, like Google and other search engines (for both organic and paid search), affiliate networks and ad networks like Google Adsense or alternatives. And.. with a website / blog, people have to come to you.

When you own an email list, and most importantly; have built a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with your subscribers, then you are in control.

An email list allows you to contact everyone directly (almost real time, and all at the same time), without worrying about search engine results. This, the speed to connect with your prospects and customers, is, for example a “pro“, compared to postal mail and web pages.

So, you are really in charge about “What” you share, to “Whom”, and “When”.

2. Generate Web Traffic to your Website / Blog or to any Page you like

Wondering how to increase website traffic?

Well, you can inform your subscribers by email each time you have a new blog post / article, or even a new site. You can send an email with a link and get clicks almost instantly. Your list will not only read the email, they’ll want to view the site / blog, and this will send a lot of traffic to your site.

Make sure you don’t give them all the information in the email (or newsletter). Otherwise they won’t visit your site / blog. You should give people a reason to visit your site, and be aware: the same applies for subscribing to your email list.

3. Effectiveness: Email marketing has proven to be very Profitable and a real long term Asset for your Business, when it’s done the right way

There are a number of ways to monetize your email list(s). You can send out emails:

  • To promote your own products/services, for example if you launch a new product/service.

You can instantly inform all your prospects and customers, by email to come check out your sales page.

It’s also possible to make profits by offering special discounts or promotions only to your subscribers. This will give them probably an even greater incentive to go check out your offer; this could give you a large amount of sales right at the launch.

  • To promote an affiliate offer (and sell other people’s products while earning a commission). Wondering where to find affiliate offers? Try this awesome Search Function;
  • To drive web traffic to your site and monetize a post / article with Adsense or alternatives. Learn how to monetize your website / blog with Adsense Here

And… over time you can do that over and over again.

I don’t want to hype this up, but an email list gives you the ability to earn real 🙂 money online while you are sleeping.

Thanks to email autoresponder services you are able to set it up in a way that, after new subscribers sign up to your list, they automatically are being sent a series of pre-written emails, at a pre-defined (time) intervals (a period of a few days, weeks, months or even years).

You can add a promotion email to your autoresponder sequence once and then sell that product/service over and over again (at whatever time).

Eventually this could lead to sales; it almost sounds like a passive income.

Email marketing is very effective (profitable) because, it allows you to make ongoing sales to proven buyers. The return on investment (ROI) has proven to be high when done properly.

But Remember, this will only work…, if you have established trust with your readers and fans.

4. Customer Satisfaction: By Communicating with your Subscribers on a regular basis you can Build a (long-term) Relationship with them

This makes it easier to sell your prospects products / services of their interest (and -turn them into loyal customers).

It’s pretty difficult to sell to somebody who doesn’t really know you. Most people don’t just go to a site (they don’t know about) and make a purchase. They want to know if you are trust worthy, and whether you sell quality products.

If you communicate with your readers and fans by email, and you provide value (answers to their questions, quality content), chances are that they come to know you and eventually trust you.

Then, they will be much more likely to buy from you.

Your goal should always be to build trust by satisfying your prospects and customers.

And… in addition, it even becomes easier to sell higher ticket items.

5. Efficiency: Email marketing is Measurable and Flexible, which allows you to Modify and Improve your Campaign almost instantly

Today’s Autoresponder services provide various email statistics and analytics. These figures make it easy, for example, to track responses to your emails, to determine the best times to send out mailings, as well as your return on investment (ROI).

Autoresponders also provide you the ability to split your prospects and customers into specific groups. This is efficient, because it allows you to customize your advertising: Emails can be targeted to specific (groups of) subscribers, based on their subjects of interest.

Efficiency to increase profitability (Effectiveness): Lot’s of functionality to find out what’s working for your email campaign(s), and what’s not.

6. Cost effectiveness: Reduce your Costs

Finding prospects and new customers is hard, takes time, and can cost (a lot of) money.

key benefits of email marketing

If you have a site / blog, visitors are looking for specific information and they will leave once they have found it. Maybe forever…. You’ve worked so hard to get visitors to your site, that it almost feels like a waste of your time, effort and money.

However, if you manage to capture their email addresses, you can continue to provide value and promote your (affiliate) products.

Advertising to your list with email contacts doesn’t cost you much. Whether you do it yourself, or through an email marketing agency, or outsource it, using email allows you to reduce your costs, especially compared to traditional mail marketing, and other (online / offline) advertising channels. These can be quite expensive.

Within a few minutes, everyone on your list knows about your offer.

Summary & Next Actions

The combination of speed (delivery), customer satisfaction (when emails are personalized, relevant, valuable), and profitability potential (efficiency and cost-effectiveness), makes email marketing one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

If you weren’t already convinced before about the added value of email marketing and list building, I believe, and hope that the mentioned benefits provide enough reasons to start building your own email list(s).

Unfortunately, it’s not all that simple to implement.

I know, because I procrastinated a lot before starting to build my own lists in different niches.

Well, to help you start out, to learn more of how email marketing can work for you, as well as to speed things up:

You can browse the rest of this site to find other valuable resources to monetize your internet based business…