How to Automate Facebook Ads Campaigns with ConnectAutomate

Hey there,

Are you wondering how to automate Facebook ads campaigns and optimize your Return on Investment?

Well, here’s a demonstration video of Wilco de Kreij.

In this video, he gives a quick demo of a new tool, ConnectAutomate.

Now, if you’ve been running any kind of Facebook ads, then you know, the problem isn’t just to create the ads.

But… the problem is really just to manage them, to really see, and know:

  • When to pause your campaign?
  • When do you change the bidding?
  • How long do you let the campaign actually run?

Especially as you’re running multiple ads for multiple campaigns, it’s going to be a really time-consuming process to keep track of all the ads, every single day.

Now, that is where ConnectAutomate comes in.

What is ConnectAutomate?

Connect Automate is a rule-based system to optimize and automate your Facebook ads campaigns.

Let’s give you some examples:

Maybe you think like, “All right. If a certain ad doesn’t perform, I want to pause it. I want to stop it.”.

In this case, you select your campaign, select the ad set,… in other words, you select where you want it to apply.

After that, you basically set up the rules.

How to Set Up Automated Facebook Campaign Rules in ConnectAutomate

Let say, for instance:

  • IF you spend more than $100 AND, at that point, the Return On Investment (ROI) is less than 1. This means that you’re losing money, right? For every $1 you invest, the return is less than a $1…

IF that’s the case THEN:

  • You want to pause it;
  • AND in this example, you want to do this check every day for this campaign;
  • And You want to use the datafor the past 30 days.

When we use these campaign rules, what would happen is:

  • Every single day ConnectAutomate would check the ad sets that you selected;
  • And it would check, “did you spend more than $100, during the past 30 days?”.

IF NOT, nothing changes, because, if you spend less than $100, you might not have enough information to make the decision.

Then, if we DID spend more than $100,… was it actually profitable? Was the ROI above or below 1?

IF it was below 1, you’re actually losing money, THEN:

  • Pause the ad set Automatically;
  • Or, you just want ConnectAutomate to send you an email notification. So you know where to basically pay attention to…. Now you can just check it yourself, or let one of your teammates check it.

Another example… Maybe you want to change the ad bidding.

Let’s say you want to check whether a certain campaign is profitable, and how profitable it is.

Maybe, if it’s actually super profitable:

  • IF the ROI is over 3, every $1 returns in $3 or more,
  • THEN you probably want to increase the ad bid. You want to just increase the ad bid by, for example, 20%,
  • AND you want to run that rule weekly, right?

Using this trigger:

  • Every single week, ConnectAutomate is going to check: “Did you spend more than $100?”.

AND if so, was the ROI higher than 3?

IF that’s true, THEN:

  • The bidding will be increased by 20%.

The following week, it’s going to check the same criteria. The ROI could be dropped by then, so it won’t change the bidding (+ 20%), right?

It’s not going to make any changes. This way, you can automatically keep on improving your campaign(s).

Obviously, these are just some examples, because, as you will see, the possibilities of using ConnectAutomate are pretty much limitless.

Right now, this is what you will get inside of your Connectio account once it’s ready to go live (May 29).

There you have it, a quick demonstration of Connect Automate, especially how to create automated rules for your Facebook ads campaigns.

I hope you got good overview of this amazing tool for managing your Facebook campaigns.

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