Traffic Mastermind – How to increase website traffic?

Sarah Staar traffic mastermind workshop

Being one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers, Sarah Staar has been making a full time living from the Internet for a couple of years now. She definitely knows a lot about How to increase website traffic & how to get targeted web traffic cost-effectively.

In 2013 she created a product called Traffic Mastermind, a video of a Closed Door Traffic Mastermind workshop in central London (more than 90 minutes of video), which she sold successfully right until the start of 2014.

The good news is that Sarah is making this product available for free.

This isn’t yet another video course on web traffic generation or  a “Traffic” product. The format was totally different. Sarah sat down with 3 other leading UK Internet and Affiliate Marketers, people who make their living day-in day-out from the internet, and created a panel that answered questions and told a live audience their own ways of web traffic generation, to keep their businesses on track.

How to increase website traffic

The panel consists of Geoff Alexander (AdWords Pay per Click, Google certified), Christopher Payne (Offline marketing, direct mail), Rob Cornish (Product creation, Outsourcing, Email list building), and Sarah Staar (Video marketing, Email list building, Facebook marketing). They all earn money online and know how to drive targeted traffic to websites.

Everyone knows that without traffic to a website, or a sales page, or an e-commerce site, nothing happens. The Problem is that there are so many different Web Traffic alternatives, and sources to choose from.

It really sounds simple, generating web traffic, but for being profitable, it also has to be laser targeted, as well as cost-efficient. This is one of the challenges that Internet Marketers face.

It’s not always obvious what the best traffic strategy is for your website / offer. Free or Paid traffic, and where to buy website traffic? It can be difficult to know where to start.

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

There are a number of ways you can increase traffic to your website. Let’s look at some of the main options below:

  • Search Engine Traffic (the Search Engine Optimization route as free traffic generator, SEO)
  • Social Media Traffic (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter)
  • Paid traffic: Search Pay Per Click, Social Pay Per Click, Solo ads
  • Paid traffic: Banner advertising, Pay Per View
  • E-mail marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Forum marketing

All of the sources / methods / techniques outlined above are great website traffic generators, although some will deliver results faster than others.

Depending on your niche market, one or more of these traffic options should be part of your web “Traffic Strategy” / “Traffic Plan” for your online web business. A key consideration of any campaign: try to boost traffic in the short-term, and build it across the medium to long-term.

Experience the joy, after scaling up, a successful selected Traffic Generation alternative; earning more money online by doing what you are already doing.

To be honest I needed some Guidance when I was an Internet and Affiliate Marketing beginner myself. Just to figure out the different traffic generating alternatives, and to determine which ones would be suitable for the niches and offers I selected.

Next Actions to get Targeted Web Traffic

Listening to and learning from successful internet marketers has helped me to make progress with my own online internet based business. Now being more experienced it’s still valuable to hear some fresh ideas about increasing website traffic,  and explore those web traffic alternatives.

If you think there might be a few gems there you could pick up on, or if you’re struggling with web traffic, and / or you’d like to learn more about how to increase website Traffic, click on the link below to be “part of that audience” and get your free copy of the Closed Door Traffic Generation Mastermind workshop in London.

Here you can watch and listen to 4 very different Internet Marketers explaining how they get High Quality Targeted Visitors to their website(s) & offers.

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