How to Find Products to Sell Online – Figure out the Profitability of a Niche idea and Fill in the Details offers a Customized Search Function to help you find profitable affiliate products and services. This is one way to find out whether it’s possible to earn money in your niche market. If you can find products, chances are that you could monetize that niche. When you already know the potential of you niche, use the search function to fill in your profit streams.


Find out what is out there on Offervault, Clickbank, Google, Amazon, and/or Odigger.

>> Type in your keyword and click the Button; Use your niche keyword, or maybe test a higher level keyword (market level). This Will Open In A New Window For Your Convenience.

Do you see interesting products to promote?

Below, you can find more background information about, the products, services, and type of networks you can approach using the search tool.


Product Search Function: Affiliate / CPA products at your fingertips

This search functionality is very useful, when:

1. Testing your Niche

You are Testing your Niche for interesting offers you can make money with, as part of the structured niche market research process on this site. In other words: Figuring out the profitability of a potential niche, so you will be able:

  • to decide whether to choose the niche or not;
  • to define High Level Profit Streams, meaning getting a feeling concerning a range of products / services that could fit and monetize your niche / website.

Also Read about other ways to recognize hungry niche markets with money making opportunities.

2. Filling in the Details for a chosen Niche

You have Chosen your niche and are filling in the Details, for example, detailing your Profit Stream, finding the offers, making a final decision about the (niche) products / services to promote, applying and / or signing up to (affiliate / Cost Per Action, CPA) networks, and getting the affiliate / tracking link(s).

3. Wondering What to Sell Online

You are just wondering what to sell online and where to Find those products and / or services to promote.

Oftentimes, My next step, after finding a great niche market and the right product(s) for that market, is setting up a niche site/blog.

Below, you can find more background information about the products, services, and type of networks you can approach using the search tool.

Product options for selling online


Options for Selling Online

Basically there are 2 options for selling online: You can either create your own products, or you can promote someone else’s products and getting a commission paid when you sell a product. This is called Affiliate Marketing. Maybe this is one of the easiest forms of internet marketing.

But… there’s more if you’re interested in affiliate marketing. There are also opportunities to earn money online without having to sell anything. That’s what I like even more.

Have you ever heard of, Cost per Action marketing (CPA marketing), sometimes referred to as Cost per Acquisition? To give some examples, did you know that you can get Paid by merchants (also referred to as the advertisers), when People:

  • Sign up for a free sample / trail;
  • Download a free toolbar / software / cursors / etc. (pay per download);
  • Getting an estimate or quote;
  • Click on Ads (pay per click affiliate programs like Google’s AdSense or Alternatives);
  • Buy a product / service (pay per sale).

In other words, you can get paid, by showing ads on your website, by providing a service, or by giving away valuable stuff (you should always check it!) using your affiliate link. But, be aware, the predefined action should be completed.

How come? Well, the merchant’s goal is to acquire new leads (customers). These companies want new customers, and they “know their numbers” (metrics). In other words, they know how much a new customer generates per year (or long term).

For example: let’s say a new customer makes an average of $40 in profits per year. Knowing these metrics, the merchant can offer an affiliate (also referred to as a publisher), for instance $3.50 for bringing in a new customer (pay per lead affiliate programs).

I believe this is a good way to give Value to customers. To be honest, I didn’t know when starting out as an internet marketer. But now it’s one of my favorite ways to earn money online.


Affiliate and CPA networks

There are so many CPA networks, and offers. If you are wondering where to start, then you are in the right place. Using the above Customized Search Function, you have all the resources you need to find affiliate products, as well as CPA offers.

The search function is based on the resources I use for my own online business, such as Offervault, oDigger, Clickbank, Google and Amazon. Offervault and oDigger are “search engines” with lots of offers from so many different CPA, and affiliate networks. Clickbank is one of the affiliate networks I use to find affiliate programs for digital products.

I believe this could prevent you for information overload.


Next Actions

After determining the availability of interesting affiliate products and/or CPA offers, you have an idea, whether your niche could be profitable, or not.

So, now we completed the 3rd step of our Niche finding Strategy:

  1. Finding a niche;
  2. Competition Analysis for free and paid Traffic
  3. Niche Profitability Check

Curious about My steps after Picking a Niche market and finding the right products?

Well, I start setting upniche site / blog for this niche market to promote the products I found.

Of course…, you find on this site also other ways, with or without a blog / website, to monetize your niche


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