Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Training and Offer Finder

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Patric Chan has released an Offer Finder App and Affiliate marketing for beginners training course. This could help you starting an internet business. Patric is a #1 best-selling author and he is going to show and teach you how to find profitable affiliate products as well as how to sell those affiliate products online, for Free.


Introduction – Affiliate Training and Clickbank Offer Finder

Most beginners give up affiliate marketing, because they didn’t make a single cent online. It is not their fault at all, because making the first $100 online is the hardest part to achieve for most Affiliate Marketing newbies. Therefore Patric shares the Offer Finder App (software) and a Training course.

Clickbank products finder

The step-by-step affiliate marketing training shows you:

  • What to sell online and How to Use the Offer Finder App to find products,
  • How to Create your (free) Blog / website, Facebook page (an online presence),
  • How to Promote the Offer,
  • How to Drive Free Traffic To Your Offers and Blog.

Register to get your username and password to Access the Software and Training for Free.


Details – Affiliate marketing training

In more detail – the training shows 4 steps to follow:

  • Step #1: Use the Offer Finder App to find Clickbank products:

The easiest way to get started and make some money online is to promote affiliate products. The reason is that the unique product to sell is already developed. Your task is to send traffic back to their website.

The Offer Finder App, a nice Clickbank tool, will help you to research hundreds of Clickbank products, and find products to sell online that will earn you commission as high as 70%.

You will need to create a (free) blog and / or Facebook page to promote the affiliate products online. Inside the affiliate marketing training area, Patric will teach you how to set up a (free) blog / website fast and easy. If you are willing to learn and follow the steps carefully, I think you can complete this in one or two days.

  • Step #3: Promoting the Offer to make money online:

Patric will share with you how to promote Clickbank products that you have selected on your blog / website. Basically you will learn how to convert website visitors into customers, so you will automatically earn some commission.

  • Step #4: Driving Free Traffic To Your Blog / Website:

The final step is about How to get Free traffic to your blog / website, using YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, social bookmarking sites, and lots of other free traffic methods.

The Offer Finder App and the entire training course are web-based – all of the training is provided online.

Patric’s system is called ‘Operation Quick Money’, but I find it important to mention that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and work to achieve, but when you follow the steps, the work you put in can finally help you creating an internet based business.

If you’re struggling how to find profitable affiliate products to sell online and / or how to sell affiliate products then I certainly recommend you take a look at the 100% FREE Software and Training.

Click this link if you are Interested in Patric Chan’s Offer Finder App and step-by-step Training.

Hope you like the free software and affiliate marketing for beginners training.

Follow the steps, Use the free Offer finder software & Enjoy it!


Clickbank Passive Income, another Successful Product Created by Patric Chan

Below I have added a video about Clickbank Passive Income, just another Patric Chan product.
This is Almost a done-for-you online business; you only need to drive traffic to landing pages, which is taught in the training modules.

You will get:

  • Done-for-you mobile-friendly landing pages, including free gifts (pdf’s, videos) to give away;
  • High converting sales funnels, ready for you to use: these done-for-you sales funnels are proven to convert well, for you to build your email list and make long term income;
  • Great training materials (videos and pdf’s): You will learn how to drive free web traffic as well as paid traffic.

In this program, Patric has done 90% of the work for you, and you Need to Do the 10% remaining work. You start building your list, and an experienced internet marketer (and Amazon best-selling author) will monetize this email list for you!


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