Content Samurai Video Creation Software – The Next BIG Thing In Video Marketing?

Content samurai amazing video creation tool

Did you know people spend over 40 minutes on average watching online video every single day?

And that number is growing each and every month!

You see, good marketing is and has always been about capturing and holding onto people’s attention!

And nothing does that better than Video…

Look, there’s just no two ways about it. If you want to be successful in today’s competitive online markets, you must use video as a major component of your marketing.

However, while most business owners know they need to be using video, the thought of doing so is still very confronting and overwhelming.

With all the complex timeline editors, codecs and file formats you need to know, you just about need a Ph.D. in engineering to produce one that looks good.

However, the great news is, now that’s all changed…

Now there’s a brand new extremely easy to use video creation system called “Content Samurai”, that finally makes video marketing quick and easy in every way. I’d even call it fun…!

No joke, this thing is idiot proof (I use it 🙂 )!

Of all the video tools I’ve seen in my time This One is hands down the simplest and most efficient way to create powerful videos – even if you’ve never created a video before…

I’ve been using it for a good few months now and I have to say, it is great. You can go from a “script” to “Youtube”, in less than an hour.

Where to buy content samurai

And the video’s it creates are awesome!

Plus the best part is you can try it out for yourself for FREE for a full 7 days, and you get to keep all the videos you make during that time forever…

Here’s the Link so you can check it out now…


Content Samurai vs. EasyVSL, Which One Should You Buy?

One question I often see online is “How does Content Samurai stack up against EasyVSL?”

Just to be clear, I don’t believe in bad-mouthing anyone’s products. EasyVSL is a very popular product and does a great job of creating simple video sales letters.

If you’re trying to create a text-based sales video with a few images here and there, then EasyVSL will probably do the job.

However, online video is changing FAST, and your customers are now expecting to see professional looking, full-motion videos.

Unlike EasyVSL, Content Samurai is a fully featured video creation platform that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate all the hard work involved in making a video.

Here’s how the two products compare:

Content samurai video creation software

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to create professional looking videos, Content Samurai is the obvious choice.


Content Samurai vs. Animoto vs. Lumen5 – What’s the Best Video Creator App?

“How does Content Samurai stack up against Animoto & Lumen5?”

Animoto and Lumen5 are both very popular products and do a great job of making videos for social media. Both are good video making apps.

However, the one thing you need to remember when comparing video creation tools is that…

Likes And Shares Don’t Pay The Bills!

You see there is a lot more to creating a profitable business than just getting likes and shares on social media.

In order to build a profitable business you really need to do 4 things…

  • Generate traffic (Social media videos can be great for this);
  • Build trust with your audience (A great way to do this is to give away useful content for free);
  • Effectively sell your product or service (This is the area most people struggle with);
  • Deliver a great product (Video based courses are a great way to go).

Content Samurai is the only video production software platform available today that helps you create ALL the videos your business needs – Social media videos, trust building videos, sales videos and videos for your online courses.

Here’s how the three products compare:

Video creation software

So if all you want to do is generate likes and shares on social media, Animoto and Lumen5 will probably do the job.

But if you want to build a profitable business, Content Samurai is the obvious choice.


I hope this helps clear things up 🙂

FREE for a full 7 days, here’s what you get:

  • Go from script to video in seconds;
  • Thoughtfully automated image suggestion;
  • Edit your entire video with a single click.

So click Here to get started…