Connect Explore Tool – Top Interest Targeting on Facebook

Hi there,

Since January 4th 2017 I have been using Wilco de Kreij’s new Facebook Ads Targeting Tool, and to be honest: I love this piece of interest-based targeting software !

The name of the tool?

Connect Explore.

Watch my short video below about Connect Explore, Wilco de Kreij’s (founder of Connectio) new interest based targeting tool for Facebook Advertising.

I really believe that ConnectExplore will change the game of how we’re all Targeting our Facebook Ads.

You will be able:

  • To find way more Highly Related Interests to Target in a matter of minutes;
  • To easily add those Interests to your Facebook Ads Account from your Dashboard. You can use Layering to make your niche audience even more targeted.
  • To break down your Statistics for each of those interests separately, without having to create a single split test;
  • And the best of all: this Facebook targeting tool is a real Time (it takes less time to research and split test) and money Saver (cut your Ad spends).

I hope you liked my video.

Here you find a Demo of ConnectExplore.

To your Online Success


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