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ConnectExplore - interest-based targeting tool for Facebook AdsConnect Explore by Wilco de Kreij – Training plus Review. Here you can learn more about Wilco’s interest-based targeting tool for Facebook Ads.

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Connect Explore Introduction

Hi there, You probably know there are multiple ways to decide who’s seeing your Facebook Ads, right? For example, you can target:

  • Specific Interests;
  • Custom Audiences;
  • Or Lookalike Audiences (Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with any of those – you don’t have to).

Have you ever tried an interest-based Facebook ad?

If you have… chances are High, you have been struggling against rising Ad Costs and more Competition every day.

Yes, Facebook advertising can be really profitable, but all too often it’s not.

The reasons?

It’s very difficult to find the right interests to target. Right now, it involves way too much guesswork. You won’t know if you’ve hit the right targets without:

  • Complicated split testing (takes a lot of time);
  • Spilling money trying to get it right.

Whether you’re using Facebook Ads to build your email list(s), to sell affiliate products, and / or your own products, you’ve got to keep an eye on your numbers (for example Return On Investment, ROI).

You want to run successful Facebook ad campaigns (effectiveness) without spilling time and money (efficiency).

Well, my Dutch colleague 🙂 Wilco de Kreij, created a new powerful tool Connect Explore to find the best Facebook Interests, without guesswork !

What is Connect Explore?

ConnectExplore is an interest-based targeting tool for Facebook Ads. Here are just a few great features of this Facebook targeting tool:

Find Hidden Interests

  • ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. The tools includes easy filtering, works in any language and only shows usable results.


  • Easily add your interests to your Facebook Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

Interest Analytics

  • See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!

Watch the demo video below (Wilco de Krey, founder of Connectio) for more detailed information.

How to Target Facebook Ads by Interests using Connect Explore: Demo

As you probably know, you can target Facebook Ads to any group of people based on what they’re interested in. The challenge is that, using Facebook Ads manager or the Facebook Audience Insights tool, it’s really hard to find the right interest(s).

I mean, you either find just a few highly competitive interests or you’ll be spending hours and hours on research, every time you want to get a campaign up and while doing that you’ll have to take a wild guess which interests are going to work for you.

Well, ConnectExplore Changes All of That. In just a matter of seconds you’ll find more interests than any of your competitors ever could, and even better, it will Measure With Certainty which interest will work for you. This is something simply Not possible with any automated tool or system out there!

Next, I am going to show you everything step-by-step, so you can see first hand how it all works.

1. Connect Explore Demo – Audience Search

Let’s get started with the Audience Search, which is an in-depth search engine that will find you hundreds and hundreds of interests, targeted in any Niche Market or Language. All you need to do to get started, is to Enter one (or multiple) Keywords, which you can even enrich using search extensions.

Simply hit ‘Search’, which will give you as many interests that ConnectExplore can find.

Obviously you want to target only the best Audiences which is why we Pre-Analyze your results, so you can easily filter the most relevant niche Audiences.

As you can see below; this single search already resulted in hundreds and hundreds of interests that you can target and we’re just getting started here.

Once you’ve gathered a list of initial interests, we’ll automatically find even more Interests that are all Highly Related and this goes outside of the keywords that you’ve entered making sure that you’re not limited to your own creativity.

As you can see Connectio made it their Mission to make this incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone. You can easily add these interests to your Facebook Ads Account.

2. Connect Explore Demo – Page Search

The Page Search is another way to find interests. Using this tool, you can search for Facebook pages, which let’s be honest isn’t very spectacular on itself, but… here’s the cool part; for every single Facebook page that we’ll find, Connect Explore automatically checks, whether there’s a matching interest that you can target, using Facebook Ads.

Be aware, this is going to be a Huge, Huge, Huge Time-Saver for everyone.

3. Connect Explore Demo – Using the Explore Feature

Let me show you one of Wilco’s personal favorite features of ConnectExplore. Did you know any Facebook page can like other Facebook pages? I bet you do…

Take the page above for example, they have liked all kinds of Highly Related pages, so why not use that to our advantage, right?

That’s where the Explore Feature comes in; simply click the Explore-icon on the right hand side (OO, binoculars) and our Tool will automatically check all the Facebook pages, that they have liked, and we automatically match all of those to see which ones can actually be targeted using Facebook Ads.

So with One Simple Click you got a List of Highly Related Interests to target and you don’t even have to do the hard work yourself. That’s pretty cool, right?

Well, we’re Not Done Yet. Now that you get a list of Highly Related Interests to target, you can simply add it to any Facebook Ad Set from within the dashboard. So there’s no copy-pasting or any manual work whatsoever!

4. Connect Explore Demo – Layering

We’ve added something called Layering which allows you to easily dial in to your Audience even more. Normally you’d be targeting everyone who’s inside any of these interests, even if they’re just inside One of them.

Using Layering will split your total Audience into Multiple Groups of People and will automatically target the Overlapping Segments of these groups. In other words you’ll only targeting those who are matched for at least Three of these Interests.

Who do you think is more targeted?

People who have accidentally liked One of these things or those who like at least Three different ones?

Exactly! So, Connect Explore makes it super easy. Simply add multiple Layers, Divide your interests and Hit apply. It’s literally that easy!

5. Connect Explore Demo –  Measuring With Certainty

In the beginning of this video, I told you about Measuring With Certainty which interests are going to work for you. Let me explain how that works.

…Before Connect Explore, the only way to Measure what Interests are working for you, was to create a new Ad Set for every single interest. So, let’s say you have a list of 50 interests to target, than you need to create and optimize 50 different Ad Sets and if you then want to split test multiple Ads, you need to create those multiple Ads in every one of those 50 Ad Sets, as well.

Now, as I am sure you know, nobody really does that, right?! Using ConnectExplore you don’t have to! Connectio found a way to break down the statistics of any Ad in your account on an interest per (/) interest basis.

Even if you just have one Ad Set, with one Ad, which is targeting hundreds of different interests, we’ll show you how your Ad is performing for each of those interests separately.

In case you see an interest that’s not performing as well as you’d like, you can delete it with a simple click, improving your Facebook Campaign over and over and over again.

This works for all your Interest Based Facebook Campaigns regardless of whether you use Connect Explore to find those interests.

Connect Explore – Wrapping It Up

I am sure you know by now, that ConnectExplore Changes the Game of How we’re all Targeting our Facebook Ads from here and now:

  • You’ll be able to find way more Highly Related Interests to Target in a matter of minutes (spend less time researching);
  • You’ll be able to easily add those interests to your Ads Account, for which you can use Layering to make your audience even more targeted. You’ll then be able to break down your Statistics for each of those interests separately, without having to create a single split test;
  • And best of all: Bigger (affiliate) profits . . . while reducing your ad costs.

I hope you liked this quick demonstration video and I’m looking forward to see you on the inside…..

Click here, If you want to buy Wilco’s new Facebook targeting tool, and take your online business to the next level.

Learn more about Facebook’s ad targeting options.

To your success.

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