Amazing Connect Automate Demo by Wilco de Kreij

Here you find a quick demo of Connect Automate by Wilco de Kreij, the founder of Connectio. Learn how to automate your Facebook ads campaigns.

This demo training of Wilco de Kreij’s advanced tool ConnectAutomate shows you exacly how to turn your best performing posts on Facebook into ads automatically.

It’s no secret that sharing engaging content is one of the fastest ways to get an audience to know, like and trust you or your brand. That’s why you’re seeing entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone post on Facebook every single day.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on Facebook’s organic reach to show your content anymore.

You’ll have to leverage Facebook ads to make sure your posts actually get seen.

That’s where ConnectAutomate comes in.

Instead of wasting money on non-performing ads, ConnectAutomate will automatically give your best performing content the exposure it deserves.

It works by setting up automated rules that will monitor your Facebook Page.

Here’s how to set one up…

Step 1. Boost Conditions

Connectio app Connectautomate demo

First, select the Facebook page that you’d like to use.

Select what type of content you’d like to give exposure to, such as photos, videos and/or offers.

Then enter the number of posts to promote at once: let’s say we only want to promote two posts at any given time.

How to automate facebook ads

Next, we can decide when a post should be promoted exactly.

For example, you could select all posts that will get at least 50 likes so you know people like it or you could only promote posts that get shared by at least 1% of people who’ve seen it, maximizing its viral effect.

Step 2. Campaign Settings

connect automate facebook posts and instagram posts

In the next step, you’ll select your Facebook ads account and campaign, as well as what you’d like the campaign to be optimized for (“conversions, page likes, post engagement, reach, video views, etc.”).

Step 3. Adset Settings

Connect automate demo wilco de kreij products

You’ll then enter for how many days the ads should run, what the ad set name should be and what budget you’d like to spend.

Obviously, you’re on full control of who’s going to see your ad (“select your target audience”) and what Facebook should optimize for (“impressions, reach, conversions, post engagement, landing page views, etc.”).

Step 4. Rule Setting

wilco de kreij connectio app

Once you’ve created the rule, ConnectAutomate will automatically check your Facebook Page 24/7.

All you need to do is post content on your Facebook Page and ConnectAutomate will automatically promote your best performing content.

Best of all, it’s created in an optimized Facebook campaign towards the goal that you specified.

You can create as many rules as you’d like so you can have multiple campaigns running at the same time.

For example, you could be promoting your most viral post with a large audience to make sure your reach multiplies while making sure your most commented post are shown to your retargeting audience to get them to become a customer.

That’s it, that’s how easy it is to set-up and get highly engaging ads to grow your business using Connect Automate. Click here for more information.

Here you find another demo showing how to optimize & automate Facebook Ads Campaigns using Connect Automate.

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To Your Success.

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