Niche selection tips: Niche research (1/2)

Hi there,

In the following posts I provide an introduction with niche selection tips relating to niche research. I cover the topics ‘Watch Trends’, ‘Hang out at forums’, ‘More Tools to use’ and ‘Keywords’. The information and tools shared below could help to:

  • get niche ideas,
  • pick a niche market,
  • and / or to narrow a chosen niche market,
  • and discover potential information the market wants.

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Niche selection tips – How to find your niche

Niche selection tips

Hey there,

Whether you are planning to create your own product or you are actually going to be an affiliate, you need to know your market inside out. In the following posts I provide an overview with niche selection tips. In various videos and eBooks shared on this website you get more detailed information about how to find your niche.

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