Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads – Never Boost a Post again

Are you wondering if you should use “boosted posts” on Facebook? 

Discover how you can turn your best performing Facebook Posts into Ads Automatically… And you’ll never boost a post again.

How Are Your Facebook Ads Doing?

Ad targeting is One of the Most Important Things in your Facebook ads campaign.

A mediocre ad shown to the Right Audience will… OutPerform a perfect ad to the wrong audience.

Instead of targeting ads to a “Cold Audience”… it’s better to warm them up first.

Getting them ready before they’ve even seen your ad.

This is called pre-Framing.

How to Pre-Frame on Facebook

In a nutshell, here’s how that works:

Step 1: You Publish Content on Your Facebook Page.

Step 2: You Target Your Ad to Those Who have seen Your Content.

It’s Not rocket science. TOP online marketers are doing the exact same thing.

Cool stuff.

There’s a… Problem, Though…

Facebook’s reach is at it lowest.

This means that when you post on your Facebook page,… Few will see it. Approx. 5% of your ‘Fans’.

Facebook boosted post versus Fb Ads

Facebook wants you to click their “BOOST POST” button.

Facebook Ads Rules to Consider

The rules

Rule #1: Don’t Use the “Boost Post” Button – Ever.

It’s the fastest way to lose money.

Instead, create an actual Ad (with full control, objectives, etc.) based on the post.

This is way more effective.

Rule #2: Don’t Do this to ALL of Your Facebook Posts.

Only pick the most engaging ones.

Facebook rewards this.

And that’s… what Connectio’s Tool ConnectAutomate,… Automates. A ConnectAutomate demo is also available on our site

Here’s a more detailed explanation considering the App ConnectAutomate.

Yes, it’s really Coooool.

Here you find more information about Connectio’s founder Wilco de Kreij.

Make It Happen!

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