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Hey there, Rafa here,

Thanks for checking out this webpage. I am from Holland and I have been earning an extra income by researching products online (buy, use and then review). I started this initially for building my own online business but now I strive to provide valuable information and unbiased reviews to visitors by sharing my experiences.

I have seen 100’s of products in the internet marketing niche. Yes, also products targeted at beginners with no experience in affiliate marketing. The Beginner money making products; products promising you Maserati’s and / or millions of dollars without any Effort.

The types of programs which often are associated with the words ’get rich quick scam’. Yes, Yes, 🙁  I bought them too. Even if I didn’t know what the product really was…

For me it’s clear that most of them:

  • don’t represent value for money and
  • don’t teach internet / affiliate marketing.

This is the Main reason that on this website I only share information and products I have used before or I am still using today.

I will focus on the following Criteria:

  • Effectiveness: Is Delivered what was Promised? To put it in other words, does it match our (customer) Needs?
  • Efficiency: does it Fulfill our (customer) Needs with minimum resources? All steps cost time and money, only a few add value for the customer. So it’s very important that we are doing the Right things.
  • Brain Friendliness: Is it easy & challenging  to Learn and Do? This will motivate even more.
  • And What about (customer) Support?

Why do I use these criteria for selecting products / services?

Because this is what I have learned and applied successfully in Business. I use these same principles for my interim management / consultancy business as well. That’s another income stream. And they work! I prefer to keep it ‘as simple as possible’. This way I really enjoy it, and it Boosts my Results and shortens Time.

If you’re looking for information, concerning the first steps of starting an online business (like ‘finding your niche’), you have come to the right place. I hope it will help you whether you want to start your own online business or if you are looking to improve your existing online business.

The information shared here is centered around:

  1. ‘How to find a niche market‘,
  2. ‘How to find (niche / affiliate) products to sell online’,
  3. As well as ‘How to monetize your niche market’.

Additionally I also provide step-by-step guides for making your first dollars online.


Because those blueprints has helped me tremendously when I started a couple of years ago. I also want to add value for my visitors by sharing information that really worked for me.

I hope this will help you make the right Decisions for your online Biz.

Commit & Succeed!


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