Find Your Niche Market to Start an Online Business

Are you trying to find a niche market to start your own internet based business that makes you money?

Finding a niche market is crucial, if you want to earn money online. It’s the very first step to starting an online business.

To put it Simply: No profitable niche = No audience to market products & services = No leads / sales = No money.

Niche Research Activities

I want to start off with the Niche research Activities I use myself to find profitable niches, which I still use in my own web business today. Especially, for creating new Assets, new Income Streams, such as building new Niche blogs / websites:

Let me explain in more detail my Niche Strategy, and how I came to the above Niche Market Research process…

My Niche Strategy

When starting out, I was looking for ways to find profitable niches, because I wanted to build a sustainable online business by creating online Assets (like niche blogs / websites), over and over again.


Now I know how hard it can be, when you are slowed down by Obstacles, like:

  • The so-called experts telling you to think “Outside the Box”, without clear How-to-examples.
  •  Lots of High Level tips, examples, case studies, or vague images of keyword tools.

Keywords coming out of nowhere – used in Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, and eventually concluding that a keyword will be profitable or not….

Usually without a clear explanation, such as answering the “Why?” question, or Next Action steps.

Looking back now, with the knowledge I gained, I know that those conclusions weren’t always right.

  • Sites that overwhelm you with 100.000 niche ideas, but don’t teach you How to Do It Yourself.

To be clear this is far better than the experts, mentioned before!

  • The pitfall of picking a product or service first, instead of choosing a niche market.

It’s all about people

It’s all about people; an audience with Problems, Needs, Desires, Wants, and Interests, while products come and go. Learn about these people and you will know What and How to market, the way They need it.

So there I was, with some niche ideas, but now what?

There’s so much information out there, regarding niche finding. Without experience it’s difficult to know:

  • What’s Valuable and what’s Not,
  • How and Where to start, and
  • How to determine whether a niche market is potentially profitable or not.

But, what I really wanted was to Learn the “niche finding” skills myself!


Because that’s where information becomes knowledge (and eventually wisdom) this is so much more valuable for building a sustainable business. I didn’t want to totally depend on someone else’s niche ideas, for creating my own web Business.

Probably the above Problems look familiar for a lot of people starting out as a web-entrepreneur or an internet marketer.

So, this is what I do on this site:

  1. I will show you several different ways to Get Niche Ideas;
  2. Plus, I am going to share How to Check out the Competition in the Niche market;
  3. I will also show you How to Figure out the Profitability of the Niche.

Why This Website Could Help You Find Your Niche?

Well actually, the last 2 years I have absorbed everything I could find out about Niche Finding that would satisfy my demands. As mentioned before, not all information provided on the web did meet my standards.

My background in Lean Six Sigma (Black belt) helped me to get a clear overview, and to keep it as simple as possible, so I wouldn’t waste my precious time….. I was dedicated to making it work for me! provides an opportunity for me to register and keep track of the knowledge I gained; my lessons learned.

Eventually, the knowledge and skills I have learned helped me create my own online business Assets; several blogs / websites in all kinds of different Niches.

Next Actions to Start Making a Living Online

So what I like you to do right now,

Go ahead and Explore the 3 steps for finding a profitable niche.

If you found a Niche that is:

  • Low competitive (organic competition is low, and/or paid competition is low),
  • and potentially profitable (there are enough offers to promote),

Then: Go for it! Start making money in that niche market…

One way, how I monetize these niches, is by building niche blogs/websites. If you want the same, follow these easy to follow “How to start a niche website”-steps.

But there is more: Here you can find other ways to monetize your niche.

I truly hope you can use this site to your advantage, shorten your learning curve, and use your knowledge to start making a living online!

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